Buying a used CMM comes with many benefits. However, when you are looking to buy a used CMM, you will want to take precautions to ensure that the machine will be the addition to your factory floor that you need it to be. When looking for a used CMM provider, be sure to look out for these characteristics that can help reassure you that you are making a smart investment:

A Complete Machine Check

Make sure that you buy your used machine from a provider who performs a full check on every sale model to ensure all components are functional, including probing systems, air lines, bearings, drive systems, cabling, and other essential parts.

Visuals of Product

How can you buy a used CMM if you don’t know what it looks like or how it works? Purchase from a provider with a catalogue of images and videos showcasing how their different sale models operate. This way, you can see used machines in action before you commit.

Customer Service

The last thing you want is to work with a provider who will sell you your machine and then never return your calls. Sometimes things happen, and troubleshooting is necessary, so be sure to with a company who will provide customer support if any troubleshooting or repairs are needed.

MDNA Member

A seller that’s part of the Machinery Dealers National Association is more likely to uphold strong ethics and provide you with any support you may need following your purchase. The MDNA is an international non-profit trade association for used machinery providers and maintains a code of ethics that holds members accountable for conducting themselves honestly and professionally.

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A lot of the time, used CMMs are updated with the newest software. Consider purchasing from a provider who can offer training to ensure that your operators can use this software to its full potential. Training helps to reduce the time associated with self-learning and also helps to streamline your production processes.

Upgrades & Retrofits

According to Metrology News, of the estimated 150,000 active CMM machines worldwide, most are at least ten years old. The reality is that, when equipped with the right upgrades and retrofits, CMMs upwards of 25 years old can measure precision parts as well as a new machine.

Work with the right provider to purchase your used CMM and upgrade it before it hits your factory floor. All businesses have different needs and preferences, so it’s best to coordinate with your provider to get whatever software upgrades or retrofit any parts you need to have your machine working like new and to your liking.

If your used machine is perfect for you, consider your options if you were to have additional needs down the road. Buy your used machine from a provider who can offer upgrades and retrofits as your needs change and evolve.


Packaging Processes

The last step of acquiring your used CMM is having it shipped and delivered. These machines boast intricate parts that can get damaged in transportation, so talk to your used CMM provider about their packaging and shipping policies.

Each type of CMM requires specific packaging and preparation based on its structure and parts. You will want to work with a fully authorized service company with all the materials and knowledge needed to ensure the machine is appropriately packaged and shipped to avoid damage.

Instead of buying your machine at an auction or from an online reseller, be sure to purchase from an authorized service provider who will provide professional installation services once your equipment gets to your factory floor.