When you are going off-road, you might be putting yourself in a variety of difficult situations. If you’re lucky enough to be near a town, you might get the problem solved – but if most of your trip involves you going off-road in the middle of nowhere, then you might want to invest in a few modifications to your vehicle. Not only will this add to your safety in difficult circumstances, but it should also improve your comfort level.

Install All-Terrain Tires

When you are overlanding or going on the off-road, you might come across paved streets – but you might also get into the muddiest holes ever. To be sure that you don’t get stuck somewhere or that you don’t damage your car due to the use of the inappropriate kind of tires, you might want to invest in all-terrain tires. These can help you in difficult road conditions, giving you traction so that you can get yourself unstuck.

FWD or RWD for Your Next Car

Plus, these tires can be very space-saving. Not only do they act in place of any kind of terrain tire, but they also work in pretty much every season. This way, you will no longer have to carry spare sets with you for different types of roads, which will take up space. You’ll only have to take around a spare tire with you, which you will use in case you get a flat.

Vehicle Recovery Equipment

You may have the highest-quality tires, perfect for every terrain. However, sometimes, you may end in a particularly slippery slope, making it impossible for you to get out. The wheel is spinning in the same spot and you aren’t moving in the least. This is why you’ll want to equip your car with some recovery equipment to get you out of a bind.

This recovery equipment may involve a variety of useful tools. First things first, you’ll need a winch – it can do a great job to help pull yourself out when you are stuck. Secondly, you will need some traction mats. If you are stuck in the mud and the tires are spinning with no result, then the traction mat positioned in the right place under the wheels should be able to help you out of this unfortunate predicament.

Camping Kitchen Equipment

How many times have you been camping in a remote place, wishing that you had something remotely close to a kitchen where you could make a meal? Yeah, sure, you can make a campfire – but this can take time and resources. Not to mention that you’ll have to set camp if you want to do that. What if you’re in a place that does not allow camping?


In this case, you might want to modify your offroad vehicle so that it also has a kitchen (provided you have the space). If your car is small, you might as well turn the trunk into the kitchen and use other areas for storage (we’ll get to that later with other tips).

You just need to install a compact stove top somewhere, a 12-volt fridge or at least a cooler box, and a designated place where you can keep your pots, pans, and plates. You may also want to create a small area (like a cutting table) where you can prep the food. You can make it the foldable type so that it does not take much space.  Once you have that, you’ll have your own kitchen on wheels.


A snorkel is great for a variety of reasons. First, it makes sure that your engine is using clean air. Secondly, it helps you safely wade through rivers. Under normal circumstances, your car will take its necessary air through its engine block valves – that is, assuming that you are going through dry areas.

Things change when you are crossing through water (something that may happen often when you are off-roading), as the valve will pretty much begin to “breathe water.” Your car may experience the equivalent of drowning and you’ll simply be stuck in the water with a ruined engine. This is why a snorkel may help, as it gives your car an option to “breathe” when you are passing through water

Roof Rack


If you are going off-road and mixing this adventure with an overlanding trip, you will probably carry a lot of stuff with you. From camping equipment to luggage with clothes, toiletries, and other supplies, you’ll need somewhere to put those additional items. The back of your car and your trunk can only fit so little, and things will continuously be in your way – so, to make space for that extra luggage, install a roof rack on your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

When you go on off-road adventures, you need to make sure that you are prepared for every scenario. No matter if it involves taking you out of an emergency or simply increasing your comfort level, preparation can never hurt. Hopefully, these tips proved useful to you.