As a business owner that is based out on a service or delivery industry, if you are looking forward to getting HVAC truck wraps for your commercial fleet of service providing vehicles, you might want to pause and read this information. This comes directly from graphic designers experienced in creating HVAC truck wrap designs.

Why, as a business provider, do you also need certain information from experienced graphic designers working with wrap making, you may wonder.

This is because, as designers, they have some information that concerns the design perspective of the wrap making that installers might not have. Here’s why HVAC wraps in Lousiana are more professional in their HVAC truck wraps.


Things to consider before deciding your design:

  1. Know Your Vehicle of Choice: As you approach the HVAC truck wrap company and their designer for a consultation on getting your company’s wrap, note down the exact make, model and the year of manufacturing of your vehicle. Having the right template for the vehicle for the graphic designer to work through is mandatory. If you don’t have the particulars right, the designer might end up working with a different template with the slightly older or newer version of the vehicle, and this might affect the way they wrap falls on the vehicle. There’s nothing more hideous than an ill fit design HVAC wrap on a vehicle. It looks distorted and messed up. People could even read that as a message of unprofessional service on your part as well.
  2. Snap Inspiration Pictures: Take along inspiration pictures of the type of design you like and have seen around. You would yourself look through different designs on the company website of the HVAC truck wraps company you are going for a consultation with or even pictures on the internet that you may have liked, and want to emulate for your business.
  3. Pull out the Measuring Tape: It is crucial to have an exact measurement of the wheelbase. Measuring the distance between the center of each wheel is key to making the right fit for wraps on your particular vehicle. So have it measured out and take along these measurements to the wrap company’s designer.
  4. Be Specific: Remember always that if you have a branding already established for the company, incorporate the branding colors and existing marketing to match with the vehicles you are getting wrapped. Or you could also choose to go through rebranding for the entire company.
  5. Go Bold: Being bold is beautiful when it comes to vehicle wraps. Bold gets seen in a crowd of other wraps. Standing out in a crowd of businesses is key to the growth of the business. Now, it is not the time to get traditional and conservative in design.
  6. Minimalism: On the other hand, being bold does not mean having too many elements in the design. Less can be more. Having a minimal design that is sharp and gets across the message crystal clear is what’s needed. Overcrowding the design with various elements can cause utter confusion. Empty negative spaces are key optimal marketing through HVAC truck wraps.

Going through these design tips from graphic designers can help get the right designs for your vehicle wraps.