Arizona continues to be among the top two states in the U.S. for population growth in 2020. About 70% of adult Arizona residents were born somewhere else, and we continue to see an influx of transplants from California, New York, and other cold-weather states. What’s not to like with 211 sunny days and 85 partly sunny days each year, our quality of life, outdoor activities, and a relatively low cost of living? Well, there is that summer heat, which broke records last year for days over 100° (144) and over 110° (34 days).

That weather contributes to another area where Arizona leads the way; cracked windshields and auto glass repair. It seems that driving in Arizona can be a dangerous business, with many of our highways abutted by desert terrain and those extreme temperatures causing even a tiny windshield chip to expand, crack, and spread. If you’ve been the victim of a cracked windshield, it’s important to find a reputable, professional company with the experience and the resources to do a quality repair.

Selecting a Tucson Auto Glass Repair Company


Your auto glass is an important safety feature and an integral part of your vehicle’s structural integrity, so choosing the right auto glass company is essential. In preparation for this article, we scoured the internet, searching for industry experts’ inputs as to the most relevant considerations in selecting an auto glass provider. In the sections below, we address those considerations.

Experience – Time in the Industry

One of the most important attributes people seek when selecting an auto glass company is their time and experience in the industry. Experience is even more important than company size. You will want to verify that the technicians working on your car are experienced, certified, and have been adequately trained.

Local Versus National Companies

Many industry experts extoll the virtues of selecting a local auto glass company. Local companies are more familiar and more experienced in dealing with local issues such as the Tucson, AZ climate; our summer weather presents unique challenges. Geography and accessibility are also important considerations, particularly for mobile repairs.

Auto Glass Services Offered

Is the company experienced in all types of auto glass repair, such as rear windows, and door window glass, in addition to windshields? In today’s environment, mobile window repair has become the norm, and adhering to CDC safety guidelines is imperative. Ease of scheduling, promptness of service at your convenience, accommodating your schedule, and completing repairs on a timely basis are all considerations.

SDAT – Safe Drive Away Time After Repairs

Be sure to inquire about SDAT (Safe Drive Away Time) after repairs – the amount of time that your car is required to remain out of service until adhesives cure properly for safe operation.

Highest Quality Materials in Auto Glass Repair

This is one of the most crucial areas for selecting the right auto glass repair company. Does the company use only OEM and OEM-equivalent glass and the correct adhesives? These OEM materials are guaranteed to be the best grade, meet all safety requirements, and are the ideal fit for your vehicle. With our extreme temperatures in Tucson, the correct adhesive is critical.

If you drive a classic, exotic, or luxury vehicle, can the company source the appropriate glass for your car?

Your Financing Options / Insurance

An experienced and reputable auto glass company should give you an accurate assessment of repair or replacement costs and the options available to you based on your budget and insurance coverage. Be sure the company accepts insurance coverage and works with all insurance companies in the area. Check to see if rebates are available if you have full coverage and no deductible.

Check the Company’s Credentials

Your due diligence in selecting an auto glass repair company should include reviewing the company’s credentials. Be sure they are licensed and certified. You will also want to verify their BBB rating and check ratings and reviews on other sources such as Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, and

Guaranteed Satisfaction for Your Auto Glass Repair

A reputable auto glass repair company should stand behind the quality of its work. One way of doing so is by offering a lifetime guarantee on their repairs or replacements. This is indicative of a company that knows they’ve installed your auto glass professionally with the proper materials.

About SunTec Windshield Replacement – Online Since 2002

We hope this article, brought to you by SunTec Windshield Replacement of Tucson, AZ, has been helpful and informative in helping you to qualify your auto glass repair company. Let’s take a look at how we stack up against the relevant criteria listed above.

Experience – Time in the Industry – SunTec has more close to twenty years of experience in the Arizona market auto glass business. Our technicians are experienced, highly qualified, and insured. Each of our installers has been hand-picked by us for their knowledge, work ethic, and reliability.

Local Versus National Companies – We are a locally owned business, licensed and insured for your peace of mind and to help ensure the quality of our work. We understand that location and accessibility are essential considerations for mobile repairs and offer multiple meeting locations in Tucson such as Downtown or the U of A campus.

Auto Glass Services Offered – At SunTec, we do more than windshields. Whatever glass is damaged, rear window, or door windows on your vehicle, we can handle it.

We provide same-day, mobile service. Our technician will come to your vehicle anywhere throughout the Tucson, Arizona metropolitan area to repair or replace your auto glass. With SunTec, there is never any charge for mobile service, regardless of the type of work performed.

SDAT – Safe Drive Away Time After Repairs – Typically, the wait time is about three hours, but with SunTec we will usually have you on your way in just one hour.

Highest Quality Materials in Auto Glass Repair – We Use Only OEM or OEM Equivalent Glass. All our parts and materials (including adhesives) are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or OEM-equivalent. Our glass products are guaranteed to be the best grade available, meeting all required safety standards and being of high optic quality. OEM also ensures the fit and finish are perfect.

And, should you own a classic or exotic vehicle, SunTec is an expert at sourcing rare glass parts from out of state, unlike other repair shops.

Your Financing Options / Insurance

For clients who have insurance, we offer up to $140 cashback on a windshield replacement. Glass coverage is common on Arizona auto insurance policies, so most customers qualify. As a preferred partner for all auto insurance companies in Arizona, we take care of the entire process for you, making it fast and convenient.

No insurance? For those with no auto glass coverage we offer competitive windshield replacement pricing, matching or beating our competitors. We accept cash and all major credit cards and provide you with a comprehensive upfront quote.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for Your Auto Glass Repair – We are so confident in our service that we offer a lifetime warranty for your newly replaced or repaired glass with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed warranty. Our warranty covers any/all manufacturing and installation issues that mayarise.

We’ll check your insurance and give you a free quote right over the phone.

In closing, we feel an informed consumer is our best customer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the Tucson auto glass repair company you’re considering to hire. If convenient, a trip to the company’s local shop to observe the process is an excellent final step.