In the non-profit industry, there are many methods used for fundraising and gathering financial support. One of the key ways is to conduct silent auctions. Amidst the COVID-19 induced quarantine, the silent auctions are conducted by companies in a remote fashion.

Since everyone is looking for ways to continue their endeavors online, keeping in view the social distancing needs, here are some quick tips to ace your silent auction event.

This article aims to provide you with tips to successfully arrange online silent auctions.

Five tips to make online silent auction a success

For any kind of fundraising event, you need to ensure a positive experience for your bidders. This positive experience will then lay the groundwork of support from the bidders in future campaigns as well.

You need to be aware of your ideal attendees and bidders. Do not forget to employ creative ways to incentivize your remote audiences. Make sure that the maximum amount of people attend it despite it being a remote event. These tips are explained as follows:

1. Offer exciting auction items

Strategize your list of items. Make sure you get in touch with local and remote businesses alike for a maximum funding potential. In this way, you will be able to manage a greater variety of auction items. Analyze the items which performed well on previous items.

Taking a look at past fundraising events can help improve the potential of your current event. Do not hesitate to promise custom auction items. You can send custom t-shirts, mugs, and similar items and courier them to bidders.

2. Indulge in mobile solutions for bidding

When you are managing a silent auction vent remotely, you will need to streamline the bidding process.  Mobile bidding is your way to go. You will have to deal with tons of bids and acquisitions and manually managing them, which too remotely can be a fuss in itself. Thus you need to indulge in software or mobile tools that can not only help manage the event better but also promise more benefits. The best example is the online auction software from, which is easy and quick to master. It features all online auction platforms that could save your time and money.

You can rely on these tools to help increase the number of potential bidders and interested attendees. This is because it increases the level of interactivity.  To ensure the maximization of your event’s potential, you can get in touch with companies offering services for corporate events and make the most out of your silent auction event. You will be to offer an exciting variety of auction items, and couple it with an appropriate mobile bidding solution.

3. Incorporate Gamification for attendees

By looking into small and seemingly insignificant details, you can make a huge deal of difference with your event. Since it is a fundraising event, you need to take the proper precautions. Gamification tools can help you ensure that the donor will perceive event experience as a positive one. Use a visual meter showing the progress of your auction event against the goals set for it.

Digital badges are another inspiring idea to incorporate. Those who participate as donors frequently can be awarded a badge so as to recognize their efforts. In this way, you may be able to achieve an increased chance of continued participation by them.

4. Analyze your auction audience

Whenever you arrange an event, no matter what its scope and objectives are, you need to define your ideal audience. All charities have different kinds of donors. Make sure you conduct adequate research and make sure of available data for identifying potential donors.


Make sure you also screen your event attendees so as to match gift opportunities. Seeking the help of companies offering services for corporate events in Dubai can help improve the fundraising prospects of your event. With better insights and analysis, you will be able to optimize the attendee experience.

5. Strategize for remote participation improvement

In the light of social distancing and quarantine practices all over the world, you cannot arrange a live silent auction event. So keeping it remote requires you to pay a lot of attention to increasing the participation levels. It may help in arousing the interest of donors who are interested but couldn’t participate in your previous auctions because they operate far away.

But now you must take into account the ways to offer real-time bidding experience, by using the most appropriate mobile bidding solution. You also need to add Gamification tools to the online experience of your valuable donors.

Remote silent auctions can be a success!

With the advent of technology, you do not need to have all the donors and interested participants sitting in the same room to conduct your event. You can arrange an entire event remotely. Just follow the list of tips elaborated below. You will be able to make your donors feel special and valuable for their efforts easily.

Just make sure you do not take the role of a professional event planner for-granted in for your remote event’s arrangement!