People get into the hobby of collecting things for two main reasons: long-term value or the thrill of expanding the collection. Some items offer both excitement and possible investment. If you’re looking to collecting as a new hobby, this list offers the most common collectible items. You’ll be organizing, sorting, and dealing in no time.

1. Coins and Currency

Collecting coins and paper currency is a huge industry that draws over $10 billion in revenue every year.

The popularity of the numismatic hobby is its ease and accessibility. Anyone can grab a handful of coins and join in on the fun.

Rare coins can be found in a dealer’s store or in your spare change from a grocery trip.

It might take some time to start memorizing and learning what to look for in a coin, but a keen eye could have you picking out semi-rare coins for your collection.


Silver and gold coins are generally purchased through vendors. They offer precious metal value as well as the collector’s premium.

The older and more precious the metal, the more rare and valuable the coin. Old gold coins from the 19th century are wildly popular.

There are some collectible coins that aren’t currency like challenge coins. The Commander’s Coin has become a more sought after item. Check out these common questions for more information.

2. Sports Cards Are Still Popular

Americans have been collecting sports trading cards since 1866. It is considered one of the most fun hobbies with collectors of all ages getting into the thrill of the chase.

Vintage era cards are the rarest and most valuable cards regardless of the sport. In particular, finding a Pre-WWII era in good condition might fetch you thousands of dollars.

There are grading companies in the hobby that will judge the condition of your card and protect it in a plastic slab.

Sports Cards

When purchasing baseball, basketball, or football cards, know the difference between hobby boxes and retail boxes.

Retail boxes are exclusive to big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target. Hobby boxes are exclusive to hobby dealers who distribute in-person and online. Hobby boxes tend to have guaranteed “hits”.

For those new or making a return to card collecting, hits are cards that have autographs, pieces of jersey, or are otherwise considered rare.

3. Are Watches Collectible Items?

Watches are the accessory of choice for some people. For others, it’s also a collectible item that holds tremendous value.

Like most collectibles, the older the better. For vintage watches, the older the more valuable and delicious.

Ronde Louis Cartier Watch

Storing vintage watches is just as important as knowing which ones are expensive. You’ll have to spend some time with experts to know how to valuate vintage watches and which watches are worth collecting.

And when you decide to sell your watches, you should opt for the most reputable jewelry experts that would give you the best price for your collection.

There are plenty of watches that pair well with different attires that won’t yield the profits or collectibility that you want.

4. Stamps

It’s hard to nail down the specific number of stamp collectors because not everyone wants to be identified, but the smart bet is that there are more stamp collectors in the world than any other collection hobby.

Stamps represent art, history, and beloved memories for a lot of people. The stamp itself may have a picture of something no longer relevant to the modern world.


Some of the oldest stamps like Penny Black are protected like precious jewels with the highest security.

Take a look at the displays during your next museum visit. There’s a good chance you’ll see a stamp in the theme of the building.

The ideal stamp will be unused, but it can be extremely rare to find one in that condition. When you start collecting stamps, try to cut around the stamp to preserve the image in its entirety.

5. Classic Cars

Do you have a little more cash in your pocket? Buying classic cars to collect them is an extremely expensive hobby; however, it has a wide appeal.

One way people are able to afford this pricy hobby is by purchasing the classic cars that need a ton of renovation and work.

Cobra Daytona Coupe TEAM

Restoring old cars is a hobby within itself, but having a little bit of knowledge will go a long way.

Some collectors will only focus on one maker such as Ford or Chevy, and others will concentrate on cars from various eras.

After you restore a vehicle, every year that ticks by increases the value. Older cars become more scarce every year because so few people want to spend time restoring them to their former glory.

6. May the Force Be With You

The original Star Wars film was a cinematic and cultural phenomenon. It spawned a franchise of toys, books, and clothing.

The action figures and toys from 1978 will fetch a pretty penny today, especially if they are unopened.


Even toys released in the 1990s are still popular even with no increase in real value.

Star Wars memorabilia will continue to have a strong demand and appeal. When new movies are released, collectors get swept up in the nostalgia and start expanding their collections. You can find Star Wars and other franchise collectibles at collector stores like Shogun Toys.

7. Comic Book Collection

Everyone loves a good superhero story. Heros with superpowers are currently dominating the film industry thanks to Marvel Studios.

The birth of these stories started back in the 1930s with comics.

Comics were a way for kids and young adults to escape reality and work on their reading comprehension skills.

A Timeline of 101 Marvel Character Comic Book Debuts

Now, they are excellent works of art and storytelling. They don’t cost five cents as they did in the old days. New comics have limited production runs and feature guest illustrators increasing their value.

Old popular comics like The Amazing Spider-Man in great condition can fetch a million dollars or more. You can get this comics collection in online comic books store.

Join the Collecting World

The thrill and excitement of collecting will spark your imagination and give you different goals to hit.

Some of your collectible items might even be worth lots of money someday, so it’s important to stay current on trends for your hobby.

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