How to better the Odds on Streaming with Kodi Alternates


There are several add-ons that are enabled within the Kodi operating system. However, Kodi users all around the world have been complaining about the downtime and shows/programs being missed. This is happening due the blocking of theKodi add-ons.

But it is not the end of the world for the free internet advocates and the streaming content viewers. There is a successor to Kodi, the Stremio, with the same level of features with the only difference being that the add-ons for are free from the blocking.

The following post has all the necessary information you need to keep in mind before using Stremio.

First up we will take a look at the Stremioaddons.


Netflix is very popular and much loved across various population demographics. You can have the official Netflix add-on for Stremio. This allows you to access content without buffering.


The Dtube is the alternative to YouTube and you can access all the features including sharing, commenting and subscribing along with watching.

Juan Carlos

This is a torrent website that allows you the access to a wide selection of free and downloadable content. You can even access the free streaming option.


This is the best possible Stremio add-on to go for since RARBG is the biggest repository of torrent files that includes both movies and TV shows along with video compilations. With this add-on in place all you need is the best free VPN for torrenting and you are all set.

Popcorn time

If you are looking for the best streaming service in HD then look no further that the Popcorn time add-on for the Stremio. You also get a free VPN service with Popcorn time to mask your internet activity and searches from the prying eyes of the government and the ISPs.

Now, it is time to discuss the merits of using Stremio.

The advantages

Easy to use interface with navigable menu icons makes Stremio one of the very best in its class. Keeping in line with Kodi the Stremio build is optimized for the best user experience.

Another advantage of the Stremio add-on is the fact that it is compatible with the iPad mini. You can download it quite fast and get it installed within a couple of minutes.

With Stremio you get smooth streaming without any lag due to the buffering issues. If you are looking for the ultimate smooth streaming experience then look no further than Stremio.

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A reputable and stable alternative

This is quite a solid option to fall back on when Kodi doesn’t work. Streaming with Stremio is easy and very similar to that of Kodi in its features and the add-ons. Moreover, you can access several free contents right off the bat following the installation.

In conclusion

If truth be told there are no cons of using Stremio. This is just the right add-on you need to watch all your entertainment and sports content whenever and wherever you want to. Yes, there are several options all around the internet, but it is a great idea to always go for the best. You’re welcome!