Playing music can do so much more than make you look cool in front of the adoring crowd. The amount of money you get from your shows and recordings is secondary to the things learning music can bring to your personhood and manliness. If you are clueless about what we mean, you should read these ten reasons why learning music makes you manlier.

  1. Makes You Smarter

In a stimulating article by Muscle & Fitness, women identified intelligence as one of the essential characteristics of manliness. It correlates to the studies conducted in the 2010s showing almost 75 percent of people look at men as smarter than women.

Where does learning music come into the picture, you might ask?

Research shows learning music boosts general intelligence, working memory, and verbal intelligence. It also improves attention skills. More importantly, learning music by taking sitar classes or of any other instrument that you like can enhance a man’s executive functions, including self-control, flexible thinking, creativity, and unmatched problem-solving skills.

  1. Enhances Memory

No lady in her right mind will want to date a forgetful man. For example, asking a lady friend a question you already enquired about a few minutes earlier is enough to send alarm bells ringing in your friend.

If you want to improve your memory, you might want to start playing the guitar or any other musical instrument.

Music enhances the neural connections in your brain, especially the regions involved in reward, emotion, speech, reasoning, and memory. Studies show playing a musical instrument can improve short and long-term memory.

  1. Increases Creativity

Women love creative men, be it on stage or in the home. They want someone who can produce things that improve life, allowing everyone in the family to lead happier and more contented lives.

Musicians are famous for improvisations. They can transform a musical performance into a transformative process of discovery. For example, keyboard players use various communicative, imaginative, and motor skills to generate, assemble, redeploy, or hybridize musical scores.

Making music enhances neural processes, allowing the brain to process more information and produce innovative ideas. Women dig that.


  1. A Sense of Achievement

Sure, building a well-chiseled body is a huge accomplishment. So is generating millions of dollars from a single account. However, these are not the only things that can make you manly.

Making music is not for everyone, although anyone can learn how to play a musical instrument. Producing a beautiful melody or a danceable rhythm is enough to give your ego a much-needed prop.

Learning music gives you a sense of pride that can transcend to other aspects of your life. It boosts you, giving you the fuel to do more.

  1. Improves Your Social Life

Musicians are in tune with their true selves, their emotions. Researchers say music has a unique way of producing a feeling of social connectedness or cohesion. It unites people, builds relationships, and strengthens social connections.

Today’s concept of manliness is all about establishing and fostering healthy, meaningful, and mutually beneficial relationships. You can go to a psychology class and learn all the theories you need. However, these lessons will still pale in comparison to how music can improve your social life.

It is especially true if you will learn to play the drums. After all, drummers make music best in a band.

  1. Relieves Stress

A true man never gets stressed out. He rolls in with the punches as effortlessly as a butterfly flutters from one flower to another. Sure, the manly guy will have a bottle of beer in one hand and a whiskey in the other. However, today’s idea of manliness already transcends beyond the bar room.

Learning music helps you relieve stress by affecting your autonomic nervous system, psychological stress responses, and endocrine effects.

Feeling less stressed evokes a natural, manly aura in you. It makes you feel more attractive, so irresistible to the opposite sex.


  1. Boosts Confidence

If you watch guitarists, pianists, violinists, drummers, and other musicians, they look so engrossed in their playing. You may even ask yourself where they get all that confidence to play complex instruments such as mandolin for sale in front of a large crowd.

Simple! They focus more on the beautiful melodies they create. It gives them a sense of satisfaction, knowing they can hit challenging chords and produce elegant tones after a grueling practice. They build confidence.

Today, many women consider a confident man sexy and alluring. Learning music can also help you boost your confidence level and start taking your dating adventures to the next level.

  1. Improves Patience

Ladies do not like impatient lads. They love to take their time in deciding things. In their eyes, an impatient man who hates perseverance is the total opposite of manly.

Did you know you can develop patience by learning to play a musical instrument? It takes perseverance and dedication to learn the basics of music creation. If you can push yourself to learn advanced tricks, you will also exercise patience in other aspects of your life.

  1. Improves Self-Control

Patience also begets self-control and discipline. Gone are the days when women considered manly folks as having short fuses. They are quick to temper and cannot exercise self-restraint.

Today’s modern woman admires a man who shows restraint and exceptional self-control. After all, it takes courage, determination, and strong will to hold all the raw emotions in check.

Learning to play musical instruments helps you exercise self-control and discipline. Before you know it, you are already observing this trait in all your everyday activities like the Zen masters of Oriental philosophy.


  1. Improves Overall Health

People always view manliness as vigor, strength, and vitality. It underscores a man’s overall health and wellness.

Learning music not only improves emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. It can also improve physical health by enhancing finger and limb dexterity, engaging the muscles, and facilitating more efficient neural transmission.

Music’s effects on stress can bring many changes in your health, including improved mood, better blood pressure control, lower risk of dying, and better quality of life.


Learning music can do more than give you a huge ego boost by potentially opening the doors to fame. It is an engaging and fulfilling endeavor meant to develop all aspects of your being. Music-playing is also one of the most enduring methods for defining and improving one’s manliness. If these ten reasons why learning music makes you manlier do not win you over, nothing else will.