The world of media has been digitized in the recent years but still millions of Americans still follow the media in the old fashioned way. They prefer to watch TV over the recent digital platforms. The streaming services have improved quite a bit and this is where the TV networks are thriving. TV is still an effective and important media of communication but now people prefer to watch it online through live TV streaming. It’s still providing the required dose of happiness and information to its viewers. A debate has been going recently about the most watched TV and news channels in USA. We are also discussing the same here today.

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Which are the most watched TV networks in Unites States?

1. CBS

CBS has knocked-off quite a few broadcasters to gain the first spot. It averaged 7.14 million viewers throughout the year. It is home to some of top-rated TV shows like ‘Person of Interest’, ‘CSI’, and ‘Mike and Molly’. People also love NFL and can’t get enough of it.

A great line-up of never ending shows have put CBS on this place. CBS has 240 TV stations across the United States.

2. NBC

NBC is always a contender of the top positions at the chart. It was at the top until CBS took the 1st rank, nevertheless, NBC averaged 6.33 million viewers throughout the year.

NBC is particularly famous for its drama library with shows like ‘Hannibal’ and ‘The Blacklist’. They are also up there with their reality shows along with excellent sports coverage.

3. ABC

ABC is again a popular broadcaster network with viewers averaging 5.2 million throughout the year. It offers a total package when it comes to TV viewership. The dramas, the comedies, and the reality shows have all been quire outstanding here.

ABC is also great when it comes to multi-sport programs and news. You can enjoy shows like ‘Black-ish’, ‘Fresh Off’, ‘Good Morning America’ and much more.

4. FOX

FOX enjoyed a growth of 4% in its viewers making the average viewers to 4.6 Million throughout the year. It is one of the major broadcast networks in the United States.

FOX has always come up with quality material from ‘NFL’ to ‘NASCAR’ to’ Gotham’ and ‘Bones’. I mean they have everything you could hope for. Their reality shows are also up there like ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.


ESPN as we all know a heaven for sports lovers. With a sports broadcast 24/7, ESPN enjoys the 5th spot averaging 1.8 Million viewers throughout the year. It’s a first choice cable network for many in the US.

The endless sports coverage of all the events in the world has secured its 5th spot. Not only its famous in the US, it is also amongst the top sports broadcasters in the world.

Which are the most watched TV News Channels?

1. FOX News

FOX News has become household name in the States when it comes to news. It averages 2.5 Million viewers throughout the year with 1% increase in viewership. It is enjoying its presence in around billion households in the States. They have kept their top status for quite some time now due to their authenticity and reach.

Its primetime views reached to 3.7 million in April, 2020 which has further secured its top place.


Not a long ago, FOX News and CNN were in the run for the top positions. But now MSNBC has emerged and giving great competition to FOX News. It averages 1.8 Million viewers throughout the year securing its second spot.

In 2018, 87 million households in the US were receiving MSNBC. It provides a daily dose of commercial updates, sports and news for many. Now, its viewership has reached and influenced some neighboring countries as well.

3. CNN

CNN is another pillar of news world in United States. It averages 1 Million viewers throughout the year. It is particularly known for its dramatic coverage of breaking news. It is seen and views in over 200 countries of the world.

In 2018, CNN has 90 million TV households in the States. It was the first all-news TV channel in the US. It is a part of famous news rivalry among FOX News, MSNBC, and CNN.

4. The Weather Channel

Other than the “Big Three” of news networks, the weather channel enjoys its own significant place. It had a viewership of 0.2 Million in 2019 which is great. It broadcasts weather-forecasts, news, and analysis along with documentaries as well.

In 2018, The Weather Channel received 79 Million households in the US.