Black Lives Matters is arguably one of the most ground shaking movements of our times. It is changing political discourse and gaining ground and support. Here are some tips to support the movement.

Black Lives Matter

1. Listen Without Being Defensive

Evolving one’s worldview is the most important progress one can take if they are interested in genuine change. In fact, it is easy to argue that being open to changing ideas is the key to achieving desired changes. However, the most important aspect of all this is active listening, while fighting the human impulse to respond to another person’s criticism by becoming defensive.

In most cases, when we listen to a person explaining why something is affecting that person negatively, we feel the urge to inform that person the different ways our life is difficult also. Or, simply decide to choose or focus on only one part of their analysis that possibly could be a wrong stamen about ourselves.

It is very important to listen to movements like Black Lives Matter, with both open mind and heart, rather than only focusing on a part you want to oppose.

2. Don’t Dehumanize ‘Offenders’

The fact is that not all Black persons who come into contact with the police are a ‘good person’ or an upstanding and law-abiding person, and this is not what the anti-police brutality movement is trying to assert.

Black Lives Matter

The movement is all about believing that excessive force and senseless killing is not right, and most definitely, it should not be focused on one community. One thing that makes America great is the commitment to due process. When a person gets on the wrong side of the law, they should face the law and not mortal wounds or broken bones before going to trial.

One of the ways to prevent this is by deprogramming one’s mind from seeing suspects as evil beings with irretrievable souls.

3. Joining Campaign Zero

“What is your plan to end police brutality?” if someone asks you this question, you should send them directly to Campaign Zero’s Website. That is because, on the website, there is a detailed 10-point plan. Furthermore, the website has all the information you need, such as infographics on a state by state legislation, locating local representatives, and even information regarding where presidential candidates stand on these topics. Campaign Zero is a great resource to use as well as an excellent cause to stand behind.

4. Use Your Privilege

Many organizations fighting state-sponsored violence, including the Black Lives Matter movement, are mainly composed of Black women. Therefore, when you see Black women out there protesting, and they are receiving abuse, discrimination, and unfair treatment, use your privilege to intervene, and maybe you can save another person’s life.

5. Protest

Do not believe that protest is all about violent clashes with the police, breathing in the choking tear gas, or getting arrested. It is wise to note that social action takes many forms. If you plan on protesting show your support with black power t-shirts.

Black Lives Matter

For example, creating a social media page sorely dedicated to tracking and reporting particular issues is a great way of protesting and help in walk-out protests. In fact, a walk-out protest is an effective way of spreading a message, and it can be organized at school or large social groups. One of the most effective ways of making your voice heard is by staring an online petition on websites like

6. Making The ‘Matter/Issue’ A Voting Subject In Your Area

Being mindful of unfair social problems is an excellent way forward. Therefore, if you are ready to put your thoughts into action, one of the best ways to start is finding out who your local politicians are and asking them one simple question: – ‘What Is Your Policy On Ending Police Brutality?’

By asking this question, you should expect to either receive a practical conversation with someone serious looking for changes, or given an incredibly insulting answer, or given a roundabout answer, or be ignored entirely. All in all, the answer you will get will tell you about their commitment to addressing the problem. Remember, a politician should be working for your vote, and you should not be intimidated to remind them that.

7. Donate To The Victim’s Family

The victim’s family is always left working hard to pay for all unexpected funerals and legal costs. Therefore, it would be humanly and selfless to look for ways to help the family of the victim by looking for GoFundMe or other crowdfunded accounts that have been set up on behalf of the family. It is wise to verify to ensure it is legitimate. Remember, a legit account will have family members and close friends, making a donation as well as leaving supportive comments for everyone to see.

Black Lives Matter

In the case where protesters have been arrested, it is wise to search and see if there are bail funds that need a donation to help those who cannot raise or afford bail.