Its not always about the French/Italian & American Labels, sometimes it’s about the local brands & the different styles. Introducing Dalia Naguib fashionwear for men.

dalia naguib

When it come to the different styles ,only different patterns together will grab your attention and so Dalia Naguib designed a collection full of florals & prints that get the attention of those unique taste fashionable men.

dalia naguib

Dalia mainly focused on the maroon & grey colors, despite not being summer trendy colors, to break the rules of following such a color.

dalia naguib

Like every designer with something exquisite to match the fashion market different tastes, so with Dalia’s collection you are not so worried about finding your taste to buy.

Dalia Naguib Men collection is not just designed for men…..still don’t get it ?!

As Ines Gohar the BEYMEN cairo women fashion buyer wore a Dalia Naguib design shirt to Fendi Fashion show at Milan Fashion Week & rocked it in a unique style as always. Which means dalia didn’t design a collection for a specific gender & it can match many fashionistas taste.

Dalia Also Part of the Allaga brand designers, so you can find her Vision of Fashion everywhere!

Dalia Naguib Brand Available on :
Facebook : Dalia Naguib
Instagram: @DaliaNaguib

It is awesome how all these local Men brands are shaping up in Egypt. Stay tuned for more soon.