Dalia Naguib’s Floral Men !


 Its not always about the French/Italian & American Labels, sometimes it’s about the local brands & the different styles. Introducing Dalia Naguib fashionwear for men.

Dalia Nageb 4

 When it come to the different styles ,only different patterns together will grab your attention and so Dalia Naguib designed a collection full of florals & prints that get the attention of those unique taste fashionable men.

dalia nageb 2

 Dalia mainly focused on the maroon & grey colors, despite not being summer trendy colors, to break the rules of following such a color.

dalia nageb 1

 Like every designer with something exquisite to match the fashion market different tastes, so with Dalia’s collection you are not so worried about finding your taste to buy.

dalia nageb 3

 Dalia Naguib Men collection is not just designed for men…..still don’t get it ?!

La plage. Wearing @marahoffman 😘 #egypt #myegypt

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 As Ines Gohar the BEYMEN cairo women fashion buyer wore a Dalia Naguib design shirt to Fendi Fashion show at Milan Fashion Week & rocked it in a unique style as always. Which means dalia didn’t design a collection for a specific gender & it can match many fashionistas taste.
 Dalia Also Part of the Allaga brand designers, so you can find her Vision of Fashion everywhere!

Dalia Naguib Brand Available on :
Facebook : Dalia Naguib
Instagram: @DaliaNaguib
It is awesome how all these local Men brands are shaping up in Egypt. Stay tuned for more soon.


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