It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep in a cramped, congested bedroom. There may be many reasons why your bedroom is less than ideal. You have to have a lot of things or your furniture is now over-sized, making you have no storage space. Or it might be that we really aren’t great at getting organized or it’s just too little. No worries, there is a cure, regardless of the explanation for a crowded, messy, unorganized bedroom.

When you really need to do it on a budget, occasionally you have to be a bit imaginative and even more so. If you’re beginning with a bedroom makeover from scratch, certainly take all these organizing suggestions into account, too!

Think Minimal

Most of what’s offered is not really needed as required bedroom furniture. In a magazine, a bench at the foot of the bed, a dressing table, and a large closet might look good, but in the ordinary household, all that furniture might make it difficult to walk.

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Besides the bed, what you really need in your bedroom is space for the things you need next to you when you’re sleeping (water, tissues, etc.) and to put your clothes elsewhere so no need to go to the desk, study table or dressers.

Space beneath your bed

This is a perfect place to store sneakers or off-season clothing, if your bed provides for storage space underneath. Just make sure to keep the room under your bed tidy and dust-free. Suitcase, luggage, wrapping paper, toys, linens, and books are things to suggest keeping under your bed. Consider buying large, flat plastic boxes where goods can be kept clean and sorted. And, don’t forget to make a check on bugs especially by bed bug control exterminators. You can also make bed drawers and store extra things there.

Rolling Cart/ Shelves

Instead of making a desk or a dresser or something like that, you can simply ask your carpenter to make shelves on the wall. They are very useful and provide an aesthetic look to your room. You can hence place your books, decorations or even plants on it.

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On the other hand, a rolling cart is a wonderful item that you can use for almost similar reasons. It has three shelves and can fit in just about any additional storage position you require. To optimize room, this piece can also act as a nightstand or can be tucked away in any small space. It’s suitable for tiny bathrooms as well, in the kitchen or just about everywhere.

Space behind the Door

We often forget to use the space behind our room door. The space is actually quite useful for you to place anything extra which you really want to have in your room. You can have it pinned in the door and hang your handbags or cross body over there.

A perfect place for hanging a mirror, jewels and scarves is behind your closet door. If there is no space left for a standing mirror, you can simply have it inside your closet door. Looks fine enough and saves a lot of space!