Never Underestimate the Influence of These Signs She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Never Underestimate the Influence of These Signs She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

“Nothing lasts forever, and we both know hearts can change”, sang Guns N’Roses in their famous song. Indeed, it is hard to disagree. Love and affection cannot be taken for granted. If you are in relations it does not mean that feelings will always remain the same. Love can fade away suddenly or disappear slowly day by day. It is very common that men take the initiative in breaking up the relations if they find it difficult to cope with something unpleasant for them.

Women, in their turn, mostly try to save the broken relation as long as they can.  There are various reasons for this behavior such as the fear of being lonely, the force of habit or simply love. They tend to give their man a hundred of “second chances”. But sometimes it is a woman who is an initiator of a break-up. Though, there are situations when a woman does not love her man anymore, but at the same time she does not want to be the one who stops relations. She may be waiting for a man to do the first step. How can you guess that your soul mate is thinking about a break up?

We have prepared for you 10 signs she doesn’t love you anymore:

1. Boring sex

Your intimate relations have changed greatly: sex is ordinary, boring and without any creativity (from her side). If before it was “fire-dangerous”, “extremely hot” and so on, then the change of girl’s behavior in a bed is an obvious sign that something wrong is going on with your relations.  Do you only have sex on holidays? And how was that before?

Oh, it was great, when it happened twice (or even more!) a day, in any place, hidden from prying eyes, and in any possible position! Remember when after sex you started picking up your clothes, and during the search for them, again you were overwhelmed with a burning desire! But now she is constantly complaining about the splitting headache, avoiding intimacy with you.

2. Rare meetings and lack of time

Before meeting you, your girlfriend was fond of some interesting things and kept doing them at the beginning of your relations. Though, before it did not affect your relations. And now you barely see her. All the time she disappears in the gym or at the Oriental belly dance classes without offering you to be with her. Even if you show a desire to try it with together, she takes this proposal without enthusiasm. In fact, it’s been a long time since you two went out together. She prefers to spend time with her friends and groupmates.

3. No frank communication

She’s not interested in your life. It is very bad. You must know that women let only those they love into their thoughts and hearts. So, do you remember how you used to discuss your working day, with its successes, mistakes, how you laughed and felt sorry for each other? She was interested in almost every step you took and all your achievements at work. It is all gone. And now your story about the events of the day, she listens without interest.

Also she does not text you during the daytime. All your messages now consist of “Hi!” and “Hello”. The same thing happens with phone calls. In her turn, she is not eager to speak about her work or study. If she refused to trust you, to talk about her experiences and emotions – you lost her forever. Who has fallen out of love once, will never love again.

4. Intolerance towards you

Your soul-mate became intolerant to the weaknesses and mistakes. You don’t know what happened to a cute girl you dated earlier. For some strange reason, now next to you there is a wicked vixen, who is annoyed with everything, and who is constantly screaming, being angry over trifles and looking for quarrels. What she used to like about you before, now makes her mad. And she is not shy to point out at your faults. The reason is simple: when we are in love we turn a blind eye to mistakes of our beloved, but when we don’t love – even virtues seem irritating.

Never Underestimate the Influence of These Signs She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

5. She sees no future with you

Her idea of a Prince Charming is far from your image. She does not make any future plans for your couple. As for the family life, which she plans in the future, it is simply impossible with you due to various circumstances. In fact, maybe True Love never happened to both of you.  There was a passionate period that passed. The girl took a sober look at the partner and understood that she is not compatible with him.

6. No parents and friends

This sign is a result of the previous one. If the girl does not want to develop your relations, she will not let you in her life. She does not introduce you to her parents and close friends as well as she does not express a desire to meet your family and a close circle of friends.

7. She does not care anymore

Your girl does not show care, attention, does not make you pleasant surprises anymore. Before she used to ask you if you had your lunch at work, worry if you took your umbrella or studied a cook book in search of the recipe for you, now it is in the past. It seems that she cares more about her colleagues or even a milkman.

8. Free from being jealous

She is not jealous of you at all, even when she sees that you show genuine interest in a real beauty-girl, even if that eye-candy gives you a phone number written on her photo. If you love, then you want your second half belong only to you. So, it is one of the main signs she doesn’t like you anymore.

9. No dressing up in fine clothes

She doesn’t care how she looks on dates with you and whether her clothes are appropriate in a particular place. But there may be another situation. In the beginning of the relations we try to show ourselves from a better side. Then later we became so close to each other that we feel free to be what we are. Girls even have a joke “if your man saw you sick, drunk, naked, angry but he has not run away: be sure that he really loves you”. Remember that!

10. Flirting with other guys

When meeting nice young people, your girlfriend is flirting with them. She does not really care about your opinion. If it is so, then the situation is absolutely wrong because girls in love do not behave like that. Though, she may want simply to spice up your relations and make you feel jealous a bit. Try to see the situation clearly.

We do hope that our tips will help you not to miss out the crisis in your relations Anyway, you must keep in mind the following idea: relations are the work of two people. So, if something goes wrong, you are also to blame. At the same time if you still care about your soul-mate, you should do everything possible to make her feel happy and loved. As they say, woman is a reflection of her man.