In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we are celebrating the accomplishments of female entrepreneurs. In this article, we highlight women-led startups.

Take a look at what these ladies have achieved in the world of business, and why they are staying at the top:

Laila Sedky from NOLA’s Cupcakes


Everyone in Egypt knows who NOLAs is. What started as a small cupcakery in Zamalek is now a huge corporation. Working with multiple brands as Uber and others. Nola’s has leveraged on the use of social media extensively in growing her network base. All the twitteratis know and adore her cupcakes.

Dina Shaaban and Lina Mowafy from Arts-Mmart


Just launched the first cultural art hub in Cairo. Featuring a showroom to support carious arts. Located in 6th October, the first gallery is getting a big hype because the founders are young and energetic. Their website provides E-commerce platform to sell and buy paintings in Egypt.

Natalie Lehr from CairoSitters

cairo sitters

Everyone has kids and once you have any, your social life comes to a standstill. Well, not anymore. CairoSitters has managed to create a network of trustworthy babysitters and tutors for your children. Natalie has contributed greatly to the trust and implementation of the start-up.

Zeinab Mostafa from Devour


She started as a home based dessert shop. Now the big shop in mohandessin has the latest in desserts. She followed the trends as an ideal entrepreneur and launched the Nutella Konafa that sold 1000s in Ramadan a few years ago.

Yasmine El-Mehairy and Zeinab Samir from Supermama


The famous website that provides information about kids, families, women’s stuff. Amazing traffic and layout for a website.

Nancy Hassan from Hedeya


The first successful E-commerce platform, apart from, in Egypt plus 6 branches across Cairo. One can’t think of an excellent business model as this one. Selling all sorts of toys, baby products, maternity stuff, you name it. Visit and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Karine Kamel from BridgeEgypt


The first social entrepreneurship consultancy in Egypt. The Zamalek based consultancy that aims to bridge the gap between the for profit sector and the non profit sector. BridgeEgypt also have their own magazine with periodic news about the social scene in Egypt.

Do you have others in mind that we forgot about? Tell us about them?

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