Ten tips for Egyptians traveling abroad


 Egyptians are not known to be travelers. Always screwing up their travel plans and budget.

 Here is a list of tips for Egyptians traveling abroad to make things easier:

1. Its not yet the end of the world so you don’t need to shop like you will never travel again..chill out.:)


2. Any country you land in will probably have rules to follow..so don’t try to push your Egyptian way cause you will get arrested easily..


3. Please use taxis & transport or even Uber..the driving style  you learned in egypt can cause severe issues & danger to you & people in the country you are visiting ..


4. Don’t convert everything you spend to Egyptian pounds! You might end up in a hospital soon & won’t enjoy your trip


5. Try to speak about anything else in regards to Egypt other than the Pyramids & Sharm El Sheikh..We have a lot to speak about other than those..


6. Overweight luggage is overweight even if you hide things in your pants, jackets & socks..pay the fee or follow point 1


7. Please don,t litter & throw things in the streets..store them till you are back & throw them at da2ery or mehwar , in the US its a fine of $500!


8. Take your medicines with you please because no pharmacy ever will allow you to buy your antibiotic off the shelf like in Egypt..you can say they care about your life 🙂 Also,don’t forget the Antinal especially if traveling to far east.


9. Always the latest to arrive at the gate and never answer the last call for departure.


10. You don’t have to let the whole family come & wait for you at the airport, arrive, grab a taxi (or Uber) and meet them at home.


Can you think of other tips for traveling for Egyptians? Tell us in the comment section….


  1. And please spare us with checking-in in each single restaurant/shop/airport/country you travel to ! We don’t really care and you just spam our timeline !!


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