Marriage is beautiful. To the outside world, it looks like two souls met, fell in love, and it was all good from that point. But to a married person, marriage takes work and commitment. And making it another year is not given. Making it another 365 days with the person who you truly love is no easy fete, and it requires commendation. From the first anniversary presents to silver wedding anniversary gifts, every year requires appreciation. You should count yourself lucky as many started this journey with you, but not all saw it to completion. Gifting is of the essence and is a tradition that has been in place dating back to the Middle Ages. Here are traditional gifts by year and what they represent:


Paper describes the fragility of marriage in its early years. It is also a show of a clean slate on which you can write your future. Setting precedents and creating a roadmap for the coming years takes place around this time. It is thus an ideal gift for a couple celebrating their first anniversary.


For your second year of marriage, cloth serves as an ideal gift. It is a show of the intertwining of your destinies as you grow closer. Simple things such as waffle bathrobes can represent this journey.


As you can guess, leather is a representation of the strength of your union. Together, you can weather the hard times and protect each other from external forces. Handbags and shoes are good gifts at this time.

Fruits and flowers

Now, your marriage has begun to blossom, and its beauty is now visible to everyone. You can gift each other with flowers, wine, and other beautiful items.


Strong and wise, that is what you are in your fifth year. You can now stand firm and look back on your history. Your roots have taken hold, and the future is bright. In this regard, you can gift your spouse with a cutting board or other wooden material.


Do you prefer to look at the sweetness of your love or the strength of your union? How about both? The sixth-year is a time to reminisce, and chocolates make for a great gift.


Your stability continues to grow as you get comfort from your loved one. And these two gifts beautifully represent what is taking place within you.


Your eighth year, what a lucky couple you are! Bronze is a mix of tin and copper. One represents durability while the other signifies luck. Separate, they are not much. But together, they are durable and can take on whatever comes their way. Dishes and bowls are a great way to go in this regard.


For your ninth anniversary, how about taking a journey back in time. When you started, you were a mound of clay. And now you have molded your relationship into an enviable union. A pottery class would be a great way to celebrate this.

Tin/ Aluminum

Ten years! You have stood the test of time, gone through thick and thin. You stand tall and proud, faithful to each other. Flexibility and durability are your portions, and tons of gifts can symbolize this.


Twenty years have gone by, and the vows go unbroken. Your marriage is valuable and deserves recognition as such. Thus, a beautiful set of China will do.


A quarter decade next to the person you love most in this world; how wonderful! Your marriage has gone through a lot and stands as a testament to true love. Let its glow show by gifting each other with silver.


Three decades is not a short period, and being together this long is beautiful. Congratulations! Pearl gifts are a symbol of this beauty and durability.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

For your 35th and 40th anniversaries, coral and ruby gifts will do. They are representations of the beauty of your union. Sapphire works for the 45th anniversary as a show of your adoration for each other. For the 50th anniversary, go with gold as a symbol of wisdom and strength. And emerald works for the 55th anniversary as a sign of devotion. On your 75th anniversary, go with diamonds. They are unconquerable, as are you.

Have fun celebrating the beauty of your union!