The home security industry is developing at an incredible rate. New trends that tend to improve the old technology emerge every year. For instance, trends like porch alarm systems are making home security monitoring effectively.

2018 experienced the advent of smart home innovations that assisted make the home security sector more effective and efficient.

Here are some of the trends that property owners and security departments should expect.

More Focus on Mobile Gadgets

Mobile technology is still improving to become bigger and better. People use their smartphones to do almost everything. However, that’s not all since most men like to work with firms that provide mobile-based solutions.

Specialists in home security sector have acknowledged that smartphone is the future and they are now taking it seriously. So, the home security department will focus on mobile-based security solutions in 2019.

Mobile-Based security solutions will provide numerous benefits to users. The advancement in technology like the use of porch alarm systems will allow homeowners to be in full control of their homes and security systems.

The mobile-based security solution features new technologies and features that let the homeowner do a lot with their security system.

For example, a user can unlock or lock doors for their guests or kids from any location with just a click of a button. As Psafe claims, there are numerous benefits of using a mobile app to control your porch alarm systems. Using the essential mobile apps will guarantee convenience and improved security.

Mobile iphoneHome Automation

One of the leading areas of innovation in the home security sector is home automation technology. It entails integrating a two-way wireless communication with mobile app innovation. Due to this, the home automation system offers unprecedented alternatives to see and control what’s going on in your home.

Homeowners will also monitor every real-time details about the security situation from their smartphone and also allows you to see the feeds from the security system’s cams from the gadgets. Furthermore, the same app will be used to switch the lights off and on, adjusting the thermostat, unlocking and locking doors and disarming your security system.

More Advanced Child Safety Features

Every parent should be cautious and do business with companies that are devoted to child security and safety. This has made the advent of child safety features the latest emerging trend in the home security sector. If you haven’t done this, consider integrating child safety measures into your recent security systems.

Child security and safety features provide many benefits and conveniences. With the help of these features, parents have a chance to prevent the kids from getting out of the house without permission. Additionally, the features let parents check on their children using a smartphone or computer. These features are ideal for parents who want to protect their home due it the extra peace of mind it offers.

Professionals predict that the trend will advance even more in 2019, hence increasing the demand for these features.

Anticipate More Video Features

Ten years ago, video features were available in a few home security systems. However, things have changed drastically. Nowadays, almost every security system comes with video features. With the increased usage and convenience that smartphones give homeowners, video features are a must-have function of any home security system.

A video-enabled security system has numerous benefits. For starters, it guarantees increased safety and security. Video features assist homeowners in knowing who is at the door before they open it to ensure it’s a legit delivery. They also offer parents improved capability to monitor and control the activities of their children while playing.

Voice Activation

As illustrated by Forbes, voice technology is transformed lives and business in numerous ways. With the introduction of Alexa and Siri, the voice activation incorporation in home security is expected to be an emerging trend in 2019. This is because it has numerous benefits to home users.

For instance, the features help homeowners to advance their home security and make the home automation exciting, efficient and easier. A home security system will be able to act on various commands such as switching the lights on and off, controlling thermostats and humidity control activation.

Amazon EchoInternet Capabilities

With the incorporation of the internet in most things people do, integration with home security systems is the next significant trend. Take to professionals to find the latest and better means of bringing internet capabilities into home security systems like porch alarm systems.

Trend professionals predict that people need to expect to get smart home security systems that can be linked to other electronic gadgets. Users will control the internet connected security systems from any place through clicking a button.

With the help of internet capabilities, home security systems will be efficient, thus making your house secure. Additionally, internet capabilities will assist in cutting down maintenance and operational costs. They will allow homeowners to use more sophisticated technology features because the internet is offering more infrastructure.


There are numerous smart home trends that you need to know, but the ones discussed here have a huge impact. Consider these trends as you are striving to improve your whole security system including the porch alarm system. They will help you have a concept of the features required in a home security system.