Someone made a survey of what Men do in the toilet. Ever wondered if other Men do what you do? Are you a curious woman? Check out these different answers!

Men Toilet

“Pretend stream of piss is a power washer for removing the hard to get stains from the toilet.”

“Like most people, I pee in the shower. Unlike most people, I hold my penis upwards when I do it sometimes. It makes a really cool fountain.”

“Use pee stream to clean toilet bowl.”

“Tried to spit directly into your stream while pissing.”

“Flush mid piss and race the toilet.”

“I am quite confident that all men with a bathroom scale weigh themselves before and after they poop to see how much it weighed.”

“When taking a piss make a circle with your fingers around the stream and try to make sure you don’t get on your hand.”

“Take off all clothes to shit.”

“Take an epic dump so intense that you had to remove your shirt because it got so hot.”

“Saw a turd in half with super-power piss-stream.” “The LASER BEAM”

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