Most people think in extremities when it comes to bad oral health and dental problems. Usually, people just assume that you can either lose your teeth or develop oral cancer at the most. Other than that, they are of the view that the worst that can happen is that their teeth become yellow from staining.

To find a solution to their oral problems, they just search for “dental clinic near me” in the search engine and book an appointment at the first option they come across. While not entirely wrong, this practice shouldn’t be followed. The right thing to do is to find a reliable dentist who can professionally treat their oral health issues.

Coming back to bad oral health issues, numerous problems can have long-term and short-term effects. In this post, we have discussed some of the common dental problems that people don’t pay much attention to and end up bearing the consequences of. Take a look at them:

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Common Bad Oral Health Issues:

1. Halitosis

“Commonly known as bad breath, halitosis is a condition that is both, a symptom for something worse and a disorder in itself.”

Although the diseases it can bring about are far more serious and dangerous, halitosis itself is nothing to take lightly either. It’s more than just the smell and embarrassment that you should worry about.

The situation that causes halitosis is not something you can treat or deal with using mouthwash or mints. Various types of mouth, throat and nose infections can also cause a case of bad breath. Moreover, if you have a persistent condition of dry mouth that isn’t treated soon, it can bring about a long-term case of bad breath as well.

You need to check in with your dentist if you’re having a persistent odour in your mouth.

2. Cavities

“You might have noticed how a tooth can first take a shade of stain and slowly become black, eventually becoming hollow enough to develop a hole within itself. These decayed areas of the teeth that form tiny openings in the structure of the teeth are known as cavities and can affect anyone.”

Most commonly, cavities are of three types and can occur in the mouths of anyone who doesn’t observe proper hygiene.

Smooth surface cavities are the first type. These target areas of the teeth that are smooth and easy to make hollow. Secondly, there are root cavities. These are formed on the surface of the teeth that are above the roots. Lastly, we have the fissure and pit cavities that can form on the chewing surface of our teeth.

Cavities can slowly lead to tooth loss and cause immense pain throughout that duration. You must check-in with your dentist at the first sight of them to treat the condition before it gets worse.

3. Tooth Erosion

“When a tooth is subjected to an acid attack, it starts to lose its enamel. The enamel is responsible for covering and protecting the dentine underneath. When this enamel has eroded, the very sensitive dentine becomes exposed. The patient then feels intense pain whenever they try to eat or drink something cold or hot.”

Tooth erosion ultimately leads to tooth loss and can cause nearby teeth to become affected as well. Therefore, even if it’s too late to save the affected tooth, you still need treatment to ensure that the other teeth don’t follow the same fate. Make sure you visit the best dental clinic in Dubai to save your teeth.

4. Chipped or Broken Tooth

“Broken or chipped teeth are commonly found in people who have experienced physical trauma. Although the most prominent problem with having chipped or broken teeth is the issue of aesthetic appearance. Not only is the patient embarrassed to smile but it also affects their confidence and sense of self.”

Suffering from physical trauma demands that a thorough checkup is conducted to ensure the extent of the damage. Treating the wounds with first aid is barely enough, especially when the area suffering from trauma involves the mouth. Damage done to the jawbone as well as the surroundings in the mouth will need a professional observation. Any lingering effects or unnoticed damages might end up bringing about more complicated problems.

5. Periodontal Disease

“Periodontal disease is caused by poor hygiene administration. Being lazy in terms of brushing and flossing can lead to the formation of plaque. This is a sticky substance that attaches itself to the surface of the teeth and toughens up when it’s in place.”

Once it hardens, it becomes the ‘tartar’ that is not brushed off and requires professional attention. Although in the beginning, the patient is likely to not feel any difference, eventually, the disease can start affecting the gums by causing:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Sore and red gums
  • Pain experienced while chewing
  • Tooth loss

There are various stages of periodontal diseases and the two main types of it are periodontitis and gingivitis. In later stages, periodontal diseases can cause intense pain and tooth loss that can affect the whole mouth.

So, these are the common problems apart from going edentulous or developing oral cancer that can happen to anyone. You need to make sure that your teeth are being checked by a professional dentist at regular intervals to prevent bad oral health issues.

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