Back pain is often considered a disease that attacks in middle age. But now, back pain can also affect younger people due to changes in lifestyle.

The habit of sitting too long in front of a laptop screen due to the hustle, looking at a cell phone while leaning or lying down, and rarely exercising, is the most common cause of back pain experienced by people aged 25 to 50 years.

Citing Medical News Today, back pain should not be ignored because it can cause more serious diseases, so it requires physical therapy and even surgery.

There are several natural ways to treat back pain and prevent it from coming back like improving posture. But the best one is to use of best chair for back pain relief because due to long hour sitting, whole body posture disturb and this situation impact very negative effects on spinal cord. That’s caused by chronical back pain and sciatica pain problems.

Proper posture can reduce stress on muscles and joints, improve blood circulation, soften digestion and overcome back pain.

Posture can be affected by the usual ways of sitting, standing and doing activities. Here we explain how to improve posture through changes in daily habits.

Back Pain

1) Stand Straight

To maintain the posture, the main requirement is to place the back to stay upright. The straight back is not only made when standing, but also when sitting. In addition, both legs must also support the body perfectly to maintain body balance.

2) Align the cell phone with your face.

One of the most common habits is to use a cell phone while looking down for hours. This is what finally makes the neck tense and often feels sore.

Instead of looking down, you should lift the position of the cell phone so that it is parallel to the face to reduce neck pain.

3) Backpacks

If you often carry many things when you are on the move, a backpack is the most ideal option so that the load does not just rest on one shoulder and body posture is maintained.

However, using a backpack that is not correct can also affect your posture. It is better to avoid using a backpack on one shoulder and tighten the straps so that the position of the bag is not too low.

4) Place the pillow

Make sure the pillow size is correct that is not too thick or too thin, as this can affect the position of the neck when you sleep. Use a pillow of the correct size, place the pillow under the head and not under the shoulder.

5) Sitting position

Sit with your back and head up, and avoid slouching. Pay attention to the position of the ears and shoulders so that they are parallel. Also, avoid the habit of crossing your legs because they can have a negative effect on your posture.

6) Squats to lift heavy objects

The habit of lifting heavy objects in a standing position while leaning is very dangerous for your back, you could even get injured due to this. When you want to lift heavy things, you must first bend down, lift the object and then stand slowly.

7) Sleeping position

To maintain the posture, avoid sleeping on your stomach because this can make the spine tense and the neck feel uncomfortable. Sleeping on your back or side may be a good option, but make sure the spine is straight. And you also try to use back pain recliner for sleeping purpose.

8) Hold the baby properly

When holding a baby, we will usually stand by supporting him on the stomach or waist so that the stomach leans forward.

This can cause problems in the form of bones in the back and waist, you must support the baby with both hands and not let the load rest on the stomach.

9) Position in front of the screen

Sit upright and place the computer screen parallel to the head. Keep your shoulders level with your ears and avoid bending or leaning too much.

After sitting for a long time, don’t forget to take the time to stretch. This is important to avoid forcing the joints and muscles.