Have you ever gone to the hospital after suffering neck pain? Neck pain is a common condition that most people have normalized. Even though most neck pains are not acute, they worsen if left untreated. Since most people have understood the risk they could have if the condition is left untreated, they are currently seeking medical attention. If you are seeking the process to end your suffering, neck pain Henderson treatment is the best solution for you. The following are the common types of neck pains.

Muscle Spasm

It is a sudden and spontaneous condition that causes a painful muscle contraction. The person will have tightness and an inability to move the head in different directions. Muscle spasm makes people wake up with a painful, stiff neck. Even though there is no one cause of the condition, muscle spasm is suspected to be caused by injury to the spinal disc, muscle, or other nerve problems. There are other instances where it can be attributed to emotional stress.


The headache is suspected to be caused by muscle spasms and tension. The person suffers pain in the upper neck and back of the head. The neck-related headache is dull and aching, while it has neck tenderness and stiffness. Besides, the condition will worsen if you move the neck. If you have this problem, you should rest until the pain seizes.

Neck Pains

Facet Joint Pain

The facet joints are the regions where the two adjacent vertebrae meet at the vertebral column. The arthritic degradation or acute injury to these joints can lead to sharp, deep, and aching pain. This pain will worsen as the person applies pressure to the facet joint while engaging in a neck movement. Besides, it also worsens in the morning since the person has remained inactive for long periods. The pain can also radiate to the upper back and the shoulder causing the individual to suffer discomfort in the whole upper body.

Nerve Pain

This is one of the hardest pains to describe. The role of the vertebra is that it plays as an exit point for one or more nerves, those branches from the spinal cord. If you suffer from anatomical damage or inflammation around the exit points, you could have an impinged or pinch, which irritates the nerve roots. You could experience dull or sharp pain, constant or fleeting pain. This pain could be accompanied by burning sensations where you could get a feeling of needles or pins. The pain may also shoot down the hand or the arm and worsen with general or specific motions.

Bone Pain

Even though most neck pains are caused by diseases or an injury to the individual’s cervical spine’s soft tissue structure, the bones suffer pain in other instances. Even though the tenderness and pain in the cervical vertebrae are uncommon, it calls for immediate medical attention. The main reason is they are a sign of a serious health condition. For instance, it could be a sign of bone fracture or weakness which could destabilize the cervical spinal column, increasing the spinal cord’s risk.


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