Canadians have always cared immensely about their looks and like millions of individuals worldwide, hate the wrinkles and sagging skin that come with aging.  The newest advances in non-surgical methods of eliminating or diminishing wrinkles and sagging skin are well accepted throughout Canada. Dermal fillers are one of the most popular treatments in the anti-aging process.

Most individuals have heard of Botox (Botulinum Toxin) as a dermal filler, but there are others out there that have seen a resurgence in the past ten years such as hyaluronic acid fillers.

Creams and lotions are also being promoted as containing hyaluronic acid, but the best method of plumping the skin with fillers is through injection. This usually occurs at a cosmetic surgery clinic, or aesthetician’s office, as any injection if done improperly can damage muscles and nerves.

All dermal filler treatments are not specific in results, but all are injectables.

Some dermal injections get rid of wrinkles faster, while others smooth and plump the skin more quickly.  Some dermal fillers provide wrinkle elimination, smoothing and plumping and a combination of fillers might be suggested to individuals by the provider.

Botox is known for its wrinkles reducing qualities as Botox “freezes” the skin whereas an individual cannot create wrinkles.  Other dermal fillers like hyaluronic acid are the “plumpers” that physicians recommend.  In Toronto, some cosmetic surgeons are seeing a skyrocketing use of fillers for the past 10 years, and so are many other provinces.

Just as in the USA and other developed countries, the Canadian Government does have special licensing requirements for those that do injectable dermal filler treatment.

Usually under the auspices of a licensed cosmetic surgeon a nurse or other trained technician can do these, but the licensing requirements are indeed a necessity.

Nerve damage and paralysis of the face can occur if done incorrectly. Other adverse reactions such as the death of skin cells and allergic reactions can occur.  There are black market suppliers but of course, this does not ensure safety, purity, or knowledge of how to use the injectable dermal fillers and should be avoided.

Dermal Filler

What are the approximate costs of dermal filler treatments?

The usual cost for any injectable dermal filler is $600 to $800 CAD per one cubic centimeter of filler per vial.  This is not taking into consideration the cost of the medical visit, or the technician’s time.

In addition, two to four vials are usually the norm per visit, depending upon facial structure and location of the injection.

More than one visit might be necessary as well, so the costs are not minimal and unless the victim of an accident or injury which would require dermal fillers to reshape someone’s face, these treatments are not covered by insurance.

While most dermal filler injections have no adverse effects, some individuals do experience these, in the form of scarring, raised bumps, allergic reactions and in some cases anaphylactic shock.

Therefore, insurance companies do not cover these for cosmetic reasons and the Canadian Government oversees the regulation of dermal filler treatments to protect the health and safety of its citizens.

Through the Canadian Health Department all providers of dermal filler treatments must keep records and pass inspections as well as be licensed and tested before they can list these procedures to clients.

This does drive up the costs, but also the costs can vary depending upon the size of the medical clinic and the province where it operates.  There are many cost factors and safety factors to consider before deciding upon fillers.

Any recalls of dermal filler treatment products or information on adverse reactions from dermal fillers can be found on the Health Canada website which is updated regularly on all types of health and safety practices for Canadians.

To cut back on costs, choose which facial areas need treatment the most.

There is no rush in getting dermal filler treatment as there are dozens upon dozens of treatment centers and cosmetic surgeons in Canada that provide these.  Since most individuals worry about the sagging facial skin, the face should be the main consideration.  Picking out certain areas of the face first and setting up a timetable for procedures can be cost effective.

Every individual’s face is different and heredity and lifestyle can cause sagging and bagging in all different areas.  Some individuals find that they develop undereye bags, while others find that the skin on their necks is loose and making them look ten years older.

The undereye bags and sagging skin on the neck are two problem areas most women request.  Sagging neck skin is sometimes referred to as “turkey neck.”

While women are still the largest clientele for dermal filler treatment, more men have been requesting the procedure in the past decade.  There was a stereotype that men were not concerned about aging and how they look.

These barriers are now broken down worldwide and men are taking an increased interest in plastic surgery and non-surgical options to enhance their looks.

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Dermal filler treatments are not a once and done procedure.

The great effects can be seen immediately but lasting results are variable depending on lifestyle and heredity.

Collagen, the building block of skin, which gives skin its smoothness and elasticity also decreases with age, so the age of an individual will contribute to how long the dermal filler treatments last.

Some individuals might find that they need to repeat a session in two months while others can find that the results last two years or more.

To add to that, other parts of one’s face may start to sag and lose elasticity and therefore many individuals do come in routinely throughout their lifetime for dermal filler treatments to maintain a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

It all depends on what one can afford and the results that individuals are seeking to achieve.

The perfect look does not exist, but dermal filler treatment can help individuals look their best as long as possible.  This accounts for the popularity worldwide.