4 Diet Tips to Fight Daily Stress

Looking at our everyday routine, work and home duties for energy sources that are the easiest and fastest way to ensure activity and vitality. Men workers are trying to balance between the various responsibilities and their health and work, either by exercise sports or by following diet.
We give you today 4 food items for energy and activity to keep up with the stresses of life and work:


Caffeine: Prepare a cup of coffee or tea in the morning to stimulate your ability to focus. Keep in mind that the basic moderation in regard to these two soft drinks . Excessive caffeine intake can cause you anxiety and tension on the opposite goal.



Fish: Eating fish rich in fatty acids ( omega-3 ) twice a week is perfect to give your brain vitamins necessary to develop and function properly. The best choice is the fish that do not contain mercury, such as salmon. Fish is superior to chicken or beef.


Nuts: a handful of nuts or seeds can give you the antioxidants and protein to help you focus. Nuts and seeds help to give your brain the protection of long-term cognitive function.


Green vegetables: Eat spinach , cauliflower, kale , parsley, and cabbage enough to keep the mind clear. High amount of Folic acid in these vegetables and provides you with positive energy .


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