Do you struggle to prepare your meals? You need to order from ready-meal delivery companies. These companies deliver food for one meal and provide meal prep for you. Although, you will probably come across some discouraging myths online when searching for these companies.

These myths have marred the food delivery industry for quite some time. But are they true?

This article covers in detail the facts that debunk those myths to pave the way for your ready-meal ordering experience.


There is the widespread use of preservatives to elongate food shelf life among ready-meal companies. This practice has led to a myth that all these companies use preservatives like Sodium Nitrite. Reputable companies such as iPantry produce fresh food and pack it in specialized controlled boxes for safety.

Furthermore, these companies properly seal the food boxes to prevent contamination. These reputable companies understand the risk these cancerous preservatives carry and avoid them for your safety. The truth is, delivery companies go through extremely rigorous food safety certification scrutiny to ensure that meals are delivered safely to the end consumer.


Once you receive your order, you can refrigerate and eat it within the week without the need for preservatives. The trick is to order from a reputable food delivery service.


Nutrition is no longer an afterthought. The nutrition consciousness probably raises your concerns regarding what you read about the nutritional composition of ready-made meals delivered. Some believe that these meals are high in saturated fats and energy but low in essential micronutrients or fiber.

This myth is far from the truth. Meal prep from experienced and qualified chefs is more nutritious than what you prepare at home. These chefs know the best portion you need for the ideal weight and can get you a balanced nutritional meal plan.

You can also find healthy recipes to cook at home, if you prefer to cook your own meals.

Quality and taste

In essence, ready-meal delivery services offer convenience. Unfortunately, some users believe that the companies sacrifice quality and taste for it. Such users believe that these online restaurants use genetically-modified ingredients and additives such as Monosodium Glutamate to produce tasty fast food for convenience.

As much as some do that, reputable food delivery service providers use all-natural, fresh, and healthy ingredients to make the meals.


The model of ordering meals and taking them in one sitting may seem expensive. The myth is that it is pretty costly if you are ordering for a large family. But is it true? You will notice that it isn’t if you consider going for the product in a grocery store and preparing the meal yourself.

It will not only make you a lot of time, but you will also spend it on commuting. Furthermore, you might not eat all the food you buy; some of it will go to waste after you store it for a long time, hoping to use it someday.

Food delivery service providers such as iPantry are essential in modern society. The services save your time and provide you with professional meals with well-balanced nutritional values.

Although the myths mentioned in this article plague this industry, it would be best to use the facts you have read and debunk those myths today. In doing so, you will be able to order your food without the fear of unhealthy ingredients or additives used to achieve a certain taste.