Did you know tattoo-making is an ancient art dating back to 3300 BC? Thousands of years ago, it was a way to express cultural identity or decorate bodies. Now, people use it to represent their inner thoughts, passion, and expression.

Yet, with our never-ending indecisiveness, we tend to regret specific body art. For example, you got weird ink work during high school, which has become embarrassing, especially at work.

What do you do then? Well, the easiest way out is to use tattoo removal methods, such as tattoo removal creams and dermabrasion procedures. But the most clinically effective method is laser tattoo removal.

Such processes apply pulses of intense light that break down the ink. Your immune system later disposes of these particles. Despite its effectiveness, people have shared false information that turned into myths.

From issues of safety, effectiveness, and side effects: The tattoo removal industry has witnessed it all.

We are here to debunk some common myths about laser treatment. Let’s get started!

Laser Tattoo Removal

Myth 1: Doesn’t Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Some say that laser removal causes excruciating pain more than getting a tattoo. Well, the machines do look scary, but there are new technologies that cause patients to feel no pain. Instead, they feel discomfort in the area due to the laser beams.

Indeed, laser tattoo removal doesn’t have to hurt due to the new laser technologies. These are quicker, less painful, and highly effective on all skin types. Besides, it doesn’t even scar and is certified by the US Food & Drug Administration or FDA.

The laser removes tattoos through machines that accurately distribute energy and are efficient. Besides that, the technician will also use numbing cream in the area so that you don’t feel a thing.

Myth 2: It Doesn’t Work on Darker Skin Tones, Does It?

Technically, it is true that darker skin individuals will require more sessions to get that tattoo wholly removed. Your skin will have the same pigments of tattoo ink, so it will take longer, especially if the body art has dark colors.

However, the new and advanced laser technology can easily remove all kinds of ink irrespective of the complexion. We owe it all to the process of selective photo-thermolysis used by the more recent methods.

Due to that, your skin tone will not matter. Indeed, such a laser procedure can virtually remove all ink from darker skin tones.

Myth 3: Won’t It Burn My Skin and Leave Scars?

Next up on our list is the misconception of a scarring laser process. Some say that it can burn the layers of your skin and cause scarring. It was a fact a few years back, but the new invasive procedure and advancements tell a different story now.

It has not only become safer but also more effective. However, you should visit a certified professional if you want zero scarring or damaged skin.

Technically, laser only breaks down the upper layers of the pigmentation, so developing a scar is very rare. With it, your brightly colored tattoos will disappear after a few sessions with any burns or scars.

Myth 4: Only One Session Will Remove the Tattoo, Right?

Wrong! One laser zap will not obliterate your tattoo. Besides, have you heard of any tattoo removal cream working in 24 hours?

The laser removal process will take at least 2 to 6 sessions, depending on the art’s size, color, and intensity.

To predict that, you should visit a professional who analyzes the art and gives expert consultation. Indeed, to get your unwanted tattoo removed, you need personalized treatments and recovery time. The laser procedure is a journey and will not happen overnight.

Some people think one laser zap will permanently remove the ink in a few minutes. However, that is not a realistic expectation.

Even though lasers are more effective than alternative removal methods, it is not magic. Remember that it will take multiple sessions over a few months to remove it.

laser tattoo removal

In the End, Common Myths Debunked

If you are considering this procedure, then knowing the truth is crucial. Try to avoid trusting any institution offering laser removal techniques. Instead, you should only look for authoritative, certified processes that provide accurate or recent information.

If you want a smooth healing process, trust risk-free technology. Other than that, address the common myths like the pain it will cause and the time will take. Moreover, new technologies work on all skin types and do not leave any scars.

This way, you can better analyze the benefits and effectiveness associated with such a procedure. Are you ready to get your unwanted ink removed?