Enhancing Sleep With Exercise

Enhancing Sleep With Exercise

Regular exercise has been known to provide several attractive health benefits and just one of them is an enhanced quality of sleep. It may be a well-known fact that exercise plays a fundamental role in the production of testosterone for both men and women, although, you may be unaware that your testosterone levels actually play a key role in your quality of sleep. Even though there is a large number of variables that impact the way we sleep at night, changes in testosterone levels occur naturally while we sleep. Improving your testosterone levels may seem like something that should be left to the medical professions, however, you will be able to effectively improve your production of the hormone simply by committing to regular exercise.


Best Types Of Exercise

When taking advantage of the benefits of exercise for enhanced sleep, you will need to take into account that there are certain types of exercises that may be more suitable than others. Aerobic exercises and resistance training can provide notable benefits for the quality of rest you are able to get. However, it is also of significant importance that you are maintaining regular exercise at the right times of the day as physical activity later in the evenings will have a stimulating effect that will, in fact, prevent you from sleeping. This means that it would be far more appropriate to practice resistance training or aerobic workout routines in the morning or latest at mid-day.

Additional Methods Of Improving Sleep Quality And Quantity

While making changes to your daily calendar to ensure you are able to sleep better with a busy schedule, you may also want to consider the benefits associated with making appropriate changes to your sleep environment. Part of good sleep hygiene suggests that maximum comfort will enhance the way you sleep, which means that you may want to investigate just how suitable your mattress, pillows, and bed linens are. You should determine the specifics of a quality mattress size that is best suited for you while also taking care to determine whether or not your pillows are proving adequate comfort.

Getting Fit For Better Rest

Even though there is not much evidence to suggest which exercise routines would be best, overall knowledge links fitness and exercise to quality sleep. In addition to improved quality of sleep, the decision to strive towards a fit body will offer several other alluring benefits such as an improved sense of well being and a decreased risk of developing serious health complications. However, a fit body will encourage a healthy lifestyle, which will only add to your sleep quality as a balanced diet is just as important as regular exercise for a good night’s rest.

When To Consider Natural Sleep Aids

If you have adjusted your daily life to incorporate adequate exercise while dedicating your efforts towards a balanced diet and you are still unable to achieve constant quality sleep, you may want to consider the benefits of a natural sleep aid. Natural sleep aids such as valerian and melatonin supplements would be a better solution in comparison to commercial sleep mediations as they will not risk side effects and long-term addiction. Other natural sleep solutions such as lavender aromatherapy would also be a great addition to your sleep time ritual.