What Are Essential Oils?

Extracted from aromatic plants using various methods of distillation, essential oils are highly scented substances. They are usually obtained from the flowers, herbs, roots, leaves, seeds, and other parts of aromatic plants like Lavender, Sage, Sandalwood, Rosemary, and so much more.

Essential oils are known to possess pure and natural qualities as they are extracted from plants in very small yet highly concentrated amounts. These oils are derived from ingredients that possess highly therapeutic properties and can also be used for Aromatherapy. These oils are fully organic by nature and are “neat.” This means they are not naturally blended with or diluted with any other ingredient.

One can make use of essential oils combination for anxiety due to its curative properties. You can also apply essential oils to the skin if you dilute them by adding a few drops in carrier oils. If you wish to have a relaxing bath using the same, feel free to add some drops of essential oils to your bathing products and cosmetics. Making use of essential oils is bound to relieve you from stress and treat your frequent headaches. Mixing this oil with your relieving Peppermint or Lavender carrier oil is bound to fetch you admirable results.

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What Are Fragrance Oils?

Olive Oil

Fragrance oils are said to be aromatic compounds derived from either plants or man-made products. They are known to be appealing to the senses and are formed from synthetic aroma compounds. They can also be prepared using natural essential oils and can be diluted using a carrier or vegetable oil.

Fragrance oils are highly beneficial compounds as these perfume oils tend to last longer than actual perfumes. Instead of opting for perfumes, one can go for these oils as they are non-irritating to the skin. Since they are alcohol-free, perfume oils serve as a great alternative to normal scented perfumes as they contain alcohol in abundance. They are also comparatively cheaper and can easily be applied to the skin. These oils also last for long, which is one of the many reasons why you should definitely go for them instead.

Going for fragrance oils will be perfect for you if you are into DIY products. This is because you can create your very own unique perfume oil. This can be done by mixing your favorite fragrance oil with a healthy carrier oil. By following this method, you can now access both benefits- wonderful smell and health benefits.

Essential Oils VS Fragrance Oils

Olive Oil

There are many basic distinctions between essential oil and fragrance oil which we bet you didn’t know about. While essential oils are purely natural and are extracted from plants in very small, concentrated amounts, fragrance oils are laboratory-made. Keep reading to find out more about essential oils and fragrance oils.

1. Nature And Sources

Essential oils are traditionally extracted from various parts of aromatic plants like herbs, flowers, roots, leaves, stems, and others. They are highly concentrated and volatile in nature, which also gives them a unique scent. They are purely extracted as they have not been naturally added to any carrier oil or are mixed with synthetic scents. They also possess highly therapeutic properties, which makes them utterly useful in Aromatherapy. Apart from that, they also possess antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, and other properties.

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are synthetic compounds to which fragrances are added artificially. They are usually prepared in laboratories and are not purely extracted from plants. Natural fragrance oils are only given that name as they are prepared by isolating naturally obtained fragrance compounds from a complex odor. Also, they are known to possess aromatic compounds. They also contain chemical-based compounds which do not possess any therapeutic properties of their own. Still, they can be used for stress-relieving, repelling insects, and other properties.

2. Range Of Scents

Due to high concentration, essential oils are known to have a strong and powerful scent. Since they are extracted from naturally aromatic plants, having the quality of a strong fragrance is vested in them. Due to this strong, pungent odor, it is always advisable to dilute this oil using a carrier oil. Also, because of their powerful fragrance, it is a great source to be used in Aromatherapy. Due to their therapeutic scent, you can also use essential oil mix for anxiety and depression. Some of the common essential oils that can be chosen if you are looking for a relaxing odor include Lavender, Sandalwood, and Citrus essential oils.

On the other hand, fragrance oils have wider scope in terms of various scents compared to essential oils. Since they are laboratory-made and are not extracted naturally from plants, the oil manufacturers can mimic any possible scent by combining distinct chemical compounds. This synthetic nature of perfume oils tends to catch the scent not naturally extracted from the different parts of a plant. This factor of fragrance oils allows us to use it for manufacturing room fresheners and perfume blends.

Fragrances of perfume oils are long-lasting and thus can be used for preparing scented candles and perfumes. Since they are alcohol-free and can easily be applied to the skin, they also serve as perfect alternatives to regular perfumes which contain alcohol. Their long-lasting scent also makes them useful for serving as fragrance enhancers in beauty products, soaps, and skin-care cosmetics. Though essential oils are stronger than fragrance oils due to their higher concentration, scents of perfume oils are more powerful and last longer than essential oils.

The Bottom Line

Fragrance oils can be used for various purposes other than skin care, like making scented candles, cosmetics, and room fresheners. On the other hand, the benefit of essential oils is limited to application on skin and Aromatherapy. This is due to the high concentration yet not-so-long-lasting scent of essential oils. While essential oils cannot be applied directly to the skin, fragrance oils pose no harm.

If you wish to know more about essential oils and fragrance oils, read this article until the very end.