Do you often find yourself straining your eyes as you look at your screen, where your temples start dull ache after spending long hours in front of the screen? This often comes with dry, itchy eyes and blurred vision. We might often dismiss these problems like fatigue. Still, they begin to have bigger eye problems after exposure to unfiltered artificial blue light from digital screens. The blue light from screens is detrimental to eye health, as these symptoms of eye strain can snowball into eye conditions such as rapid macular degeneration and loss of visual acuity.


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Therefore, it is important to adjust our lifestyle choices accordingly to protect the well-being of our eyes for the future. The most fundamental aspect of eye care is protecting them from any external harm as they are one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. Our eyes hurt after spending long hours in front of the screen due to the amount of light that finds its way into the eyes, the amount of focussing the muscles must do while navigating information on the screen, and more. Doing this over a prolonged period can strain your eyes. Therefore investing in blue light glasses is one of the best solutions for eye care for the modern, digitally dependent lifestyle.

Rounded Out in Grey


Designs for blue light glasses are no longer limited to the standard ranges of thick-frames blues and blacks. This pair of blue ray glasses is equipped to keep your eyesight protected and safe. Round-shaped glasses are usually the preference of those on the creative side of things, so if you are a designer who must spend hours in front of the screen narrowing down colour palettes, this pair of grey, round-frame blue light filters glasses are the pick for you.

The Dual Toned Squares


Many square-framed eyeglasses meant for work are often limited to being professional and straightforward, but this pair of blue light glasses are anything but basic. These glasses borrow the aesthetic of urban two-toned sunglasses and have incorporated the same in this pair with a black that slowly melts into a cool grey. This gives the glasses a special chic personality touch, which helps keep up your spirits as you work through your long hours.

The Traditional Rectangles


While experimenting always helps, if you are a first-time customer of blue ray glasses, it always helps to start with the basics. The black rectangle glasses are classics with good reason, as they can complement every mood and work outfit while being the absolute best at protecting your eyes from the blue light of your screens. The angular finish of these rectangular glasses is also best suited for oval, round face shapes, which can help those shopping for the first time.

Blue Cut Cateyes


The appearance of cateye eyeglasses is one of the most recognisable in collections across eyewear. Still, this pair of blue light filter glasses presents a fresh take on the classic with its wide-set design. These glasses are meant to be inspired by the iconic cateye. Still, the orientation of these glasses is a little better suited for protective purposes owing to the lenses covering more of the eye area. The glasses are also available in classic black, which keeps them casual and professional at the same time.

Black All-Rounders


Going for the traditional round-framed eyeglasses in black is always a safe choice for those who shy away from contemporary designs that may or may not suit them. These glasses are designed to be blue light filter glasses, which is why the round lenses are larger than standard round-framed glasses for added eye protection. If you are someone who has an angled face and would like to add some balance to your features, these round blue ray glasses are the ideal pick for you.

Guarded in Gold


One of the more popular complaints when it comes to designs for blue light glasses is that they are usually basic in design and are devoid of personality. This pair of rectangle rimmed glasses are a welcome change from conventional designs, adding a touch of regal opulence to the process of blue light filtering. These glasses are ideal for the detail-oriented achiever in you who only expects the best and nothing less.

Cut in Crystal


These blue light filter glasses are one of the more experimental designs that have become a quick favourite amongst the younger generation due to their new-age feel. The transparent, crystal-inspired design simultaneously makes it look sophisticated and youthful, making it the perfect work companion. The glasses are designed in the shape of cateye glasses, making them an instant classic due to their versatility and comfort.

As aforementioned, how blue light slowly harms our eyes is often dismissed as normal fatigue; but this should not be the case. We should look out for signs of eye strain and immediately take countermeasures to ensure our eyes are safe and comfortable throughout our exposure to digital screens. Investing in blue light glasses will safeguard your eye health, keep headaches at bay and keep your sleep schedule in check. Therefore, head to trusted brands like Titan Eyeplus, browse through the blue light glasses collection, and update your lifestyle essentials today.