More than 57 million adults in the United States struggle to pay for their prescription medications.

Insurance and medical bills can cost more than many people can afford.

Without having the ability to go to a doctor, there are still many ways that you can get your medications.

Continue reading to discover how to get a prescription without a doctor.

1. Go to the Phones

One of the best ways to get a prescription without actually visiting a doctor is through the phone.

Telehealth is gaining traction because of its convenience and ability to help a large number of people. You don’t have to sit in an office for several hours to see a doctor, you can simply grab your phone and chat with a live doctor in minutes!

Federal laws don’t forbid medical providers from using technology to help treat patients. Most states, however, require medical practices to have a license to use telehealth.

What Does Telehealth Include?

Getting medications has become a lot easier with the help of telehealth.

Unfortunately, telehealth does not cover all medical services. You can hold video chats with a physician for urgent-care consultations to get help on your next steps. You must seek immediate help in life-threatening situations, telehealth is not the best option for this.

When using telehealth you will have access to electronic devices that can help gather data and transmit it to your physician. These devices can collect blood pressure levels and respiratory rates.

Another way that telehealth can help is by keeping track of medical appointments and tracking measurements.

2. Check out Online Sites

Many people are unaware, but you can fill a prescription online to get medication.

Depending on the state that you live in, you can establish a patient and provider relationship. This relationship can allow you to get online virtual care and receive medical prescriptions.

Some states will require you to have an initial physical exam at a doctor’s office. This appointment will help you begin your relationship that will make getting medications easier.

Common issues that online sites include can help with asthma, diabetes, and habit tracking. There are many apps that you can also download on your phone to get medications without seeing a doctor.

3. Clinics

A great way to get prescriptions without seeing a doctor is by going to a health clinic.

Companies, such as CVS, have health clinics that offer appointments to patients. You can get full-service care by going into these clinics and walk out with a prescription. There are physicians at these clinics who can treat you for minor needs.

Unfortunately, you cannot obtain maintenance medications without seeing your primary care doctor. You will also need to visit urgent care or find further help if you need x-rays.

Most clinics allow walk-in appointments but it may be best to make an appointment ahead of time.

4. Call the Office

If you need a short-term fix to get medications you can do so by calling the doctor’s office.

Many Doctor offices will refill a prescription for up to 90 days to help you out. Typically they will only do this for patients with consistent medications that they have been taking without issues. If you have recently had an appointment, you are also more likely to get medications through this route.

Calling your doctor’s office to refill certain prescriptions may require you to go into the office though. High-risk medications often require patients to come into the office. They do this to ensure that the medication is getting put into the right hands and being used properly.

Depending on where you get medical prescriptions from, they may be able to contact your primary care doctor for you. Companies like CVS offer the services of contacting your insurance and medical providers.

Having this assistance can help make your job easier and less difficult to get your much-needed prescriptions.

How to Prepare Yourself

Getting medical prescriptions without a doctor may involve a couple of extra steps.

If you have a telehealth or clinic appointment coming up, you need to prepare yourself and gather important information. You should be keeping track of any consistent ailments that have been bothering you and the medications that you take.


To get medications you will have to share your medical history and alert them of any allergies. Doing so will help you avoid negative reactions and from taking a medication that will interact with another.

For telehealth initial appointments, you may want to consider having your prescriptions on hand. Your current prescriptions can help physicians decide the best way to go forward and can offer valuable information.

You should also gather information about your primary care doctor and share it with your telehealth physician. Having your primary care doctor communicate with them can help keep them informed on your treatment.

How to Get a Prescription Without a Doctor: The Easy Way

Many people in the United States struggle to pay medical bills and afford prescriptions.

Learning how to get a prescription without a doctor doesn’t have to be a difficult task. If you aren’t able to visit your doctor, there are a couple of routes that you can take.

The most popular way of getting medications without a doctor is through mobile devices. Online applications and phone calls can be made to consult with a physician and get immediate help. Don’t forget to check out local laws before ordering anything.

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