The U.S. Centers for Disease Control recently reported that nearly half of U.S. citizens struggle with limited mobility at some level. Nearly 40% are over 65. With these statistics in mind, thousands of manufacturers, transportation providers, workplaces, and building contractors offer services geared to make life easier for the mobility challenged.

Although the public is not always aware of these solutions, it is fairly simple to access them. There are now websites that provide information on mobility issues. Multiple organizations offer helpful products and services. Autos can be adapted to accommodate those with challenges, and homes can be adapted for easier accessibility.

Reach Out to Helpful Organizations

There are actually so many resources available to help the mobility challenged that searching them individually can be overwhelming. It is much simpler to access a website that offers resources for limited mobility.

Information on a website is well-organized into categories, so it is easy for users to find data on specific products or services. A resource guide often provides links to government agencies, non-profit organizations, and manufacturers.

Consider Accessible Housing Options

Most people who are dealing with mobility issues need more accessible homes but often do not know how to fix the problem. At the same time, many sellers cannot find buyers for homes that were adapted with assistive features.

A Washington Post article recently discussed how traditional real estate procedures fail to bring mobility-limited buyers and sellers together with sellers who have the houses they need. With that in mind, organizations like Accessible Space can provide a list of accessible homes. In addition, non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together will help adapt existing homes.

Explore Transportation Adapted for the Mobility Challenged

Transportation is often a huge hurdle for those with limited mobility. They often need to ensure that every type of transport is wheelchair accessible. Many individuals require cars that have been adapted for their needs. AARP is a great source of tips for older travelers. There are also excellent resources for those who need accessible cars.

How to Make Life Easier When Dealing with Limited Mobility

The Adaptive Driving Alliance can provide a list of certified dealers who provide wheelchair accessible vehicles. Car manufacturers can also help. Ford Motor Company is one of several that have accessibility programs, and some also offer rebates to qualified vehicle purchasers.

Each client’s needs are assessed, they purchase the vehicle, and then order the adaptive equipment.

Stay Aware of the Latest Technology Advances

As communities and businesses become more aware of the need for accessibility, the available technology continues to evolve. It is a good idea for those facing mobility challenges to be aware of the changes so they can take advantage of them. For example, mobile phones have become lifelines for those who cannot easily walk.

Devices like tablets and phones make it easy for those who are housebound to see the person they are speaking to via the Internet.

Manufacturers have developed products like pull-down kitchen shelving and automatic door openers. There are even wheelchairs designed to glide over curbs and climb stairs.

Thousands of U.S. organizations, businesses, and manufacturers now offer solutions for citizens suffering from limited mobility. The mobility challenged often finds answers on websites that point them to transportation and housing providers that offer accessible options.

In addition, advances in technology, building, and manufacturing are constantly evolving and providing more solutions.