All of us have stress. However, it is in the way each one of us deals with the stress that decides everything. It is important to out the mind at peace while getting rid of all the unnecessary chatter that keeps going on in it all the time. The next time when you feel stressed or when you want to unwind after a long day, then doing some yoga asanas can be of great help. Yoga teacher training India teaches all the yoga asanas that help people in feeling relaxed. You need to take up at least 200 hour yoga teacher training before becoming a certified yoga teacher.

Yoga helps in relieving a person from mental and physical stress while promoting wellness. A person who practices yoga is far relieved from the stress and anxiety of the everyday life. In addition, when the poses are hold on to for a little longer, it helps in relaxing even deeper along with passive stretching.

In this article, we are going to introduce a yoga routine for that helps in relaxing your mind. This simple yoga series given below is great for both beginners and anyone who has been practicing since a long time. Everyone should make time for doing these yoga poses before bed or the yoga practice at any point of the day because it is a great way to relax the mind and body when it might feeling stressed.


  1.       SUKHASANA: Sukhasana is an extremely common yoga pose that is used for practicing meditation and deep breathing exercises called as pranyama. It is a great practice in case your hips are right. To do that, you can use a prop such as block so that the hips are higher than the knees. Regular yoga practice of this asana will open up the hips eventually and bring the spine in the correct alignment. This yoga asana helps in strengthening the back and stretching the legs. It also helps in opening the hips, groin and the outer thigh muscles. When you sit upright with your spine being erected, it helps in reducing the stress and anxiety. In addition to calming the mind, it is also helpful in being therapeutic for the stress.
  2.       CAT AND COW POSE: The cat and cow pose is helpful in warming up the body, stretching it and warming it up for other asanas. This yoga pose warms the body and carries adaptability to the spine. It extends the back middle and neck, and delicately invigorates and reinforces the stomach organs. It likewise opens the chest, urging the breath to turn out to be moderate and profound. The spinal development of the two stances animates the kidneys and adrenal organs. Organizing this development with your breathing assuages pressure and quiets the psyche. This arrangement additionally creates postural mindfulness and equalization all through the body. It brings the spine into right arrangement and can help forestall back agony when drilled routinely.
  3.       BALASANA: This yoga pose is used for more resting while transitioning from one difficult yoga pose to another. This Pose tenderly stretches the hips, thighs, and lower legs while decreasing pressure and weakness. It delicately loosens up the muscles on the facade of the body while delicately and latently extending the muscles of the back middle. This resting present focuses, quiets, and calms the mind, making it a helpful stance for mitigating pressure. When performed with the head and middle upheld (square or support underneath), it can help soothe back and neck torment. This yoga asana is in some cases utilized as a counter-posture to backbends by re-establishing harmony and composure to the body.
  4.       PASCHIMOTTANASANA: This is a calming yoga posture that helps in reducing stress. It is often practiced in the yoga routine to keep the body warm. Ancient yogis would work on confronting the dawn and Paschimottanasana would profoundly extend the whole back, or side of their bodies as they collapsed forward toward the sun. The posture can feel exceptional, however it’s essential to recall never to compel it or push excessively hard. The more you can figure out how to unwind in this represent, the more profound your stretch will be. Paschimottanasana extends the spine, shoulders, pelvis, and hamstrings. It likewise animates and balances the liver, kidneys, adrenal organs, ovaries, and uterus. And keeping in mind that conventional yoga writings state Paschimottanasana can fix sickness.
  5.       SUPINE PIGEON POSE: This yoga pose mitigates solidness in the external hips and lower back. In the event that you invest a great deal of energy sitting, those muscles become tight and short because of the absence of utilization. This posture can feel incredible toward the finish of a taxing day of sitting at work, school, or in a vehicle or plane. It is regularly instructed close to the finish of a yoga class as a loosening up approach to alleviate and open the spine, hips, and low back. This posture stretches and opens the external hips and low back and builds the scope of movement in the lower body. It additionally improves flow all through the legs, hips, and back, which can help lessen torment brought about by solidness and inertia. Also, this posture can assist you with holding the whole low back agile. It is a mitigating counter-posture to backbends and spinal turns. Attracting your appendages toward your middle makes your brain normally turn internal, which helps quiet your contemplations, mitigate pressure, and relieve nervousness. This pose expands blood stream to the pelvis and encompassing organs, which diminishes stomach related inconveniences and menstrual agony in ladies.
  6.       SUPTA MATSEYNDRASANA: The yoga twists are just a great way to decompress and let any stress or anxiety go out of the body. This asana is one such twist. It helps in stimulating and cleansing the organs of the torso. In case you have ever felt tired at the end of the day because of this yoga asana then this pose is one of the best ways to restore mental and physical balance in the body.
  7.       VIPARITA KARANI: This asana is also known as legs up the way. It is a rejuvenating pose that helps in bringing intense relief to the legs, feet, spine and the nervous system. It is a smooth way to bring the body into a deep sense of relaxation and renewal. It is also recommended for everyone irrespective of their expertise level. At the point when you remove time from your day to turn around the forward movements of doing, acting, and achieving, you enable your cerebrum and body to sink into a condition of unadulterated being. Subsiding into this state, at that point, conditions the psyche for more profound contemplation, quietness, and mindfulness. Due to its quieting benefits, Viparita Karani is regularly done toward the finish of a yoga practice, before the last unwinding posture (Savasana) or contemplation. Notwithstanding, it can likewise be rehearsed without anyone else, as an ordinary remedial posture.

It is best to join yoga courses like yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to learn these asanas. They have great benefits for not just the mind, but the body and the soul as well.