Over the last years, polarised sunglasses have become a staple as an accessory that must be present in all men’s closets . When you need to choose sunglasses among good brands, there is a total guarantee that you will purchase a quality item, which is important because not only does it help to take care of visual health, it also provides elegance and a unique style.

One of the accessories that cannot be missing in any type of daytime outfit are sunglasses. It is one of the most indispensable and precious accessories, since not only do they provide a striking touch to a spring look, summer and more, but it is also a protection that the eyes, even the face, need to avoid problems that affect health.

Although coquetry reaches its peak when it comes to women, the use of men polarized sunglasses is also very widespread nowadays, as it gives gentlemen much more security and prestige, two attributes they need in any social environment, in which they will always seek to stand out.

For any doubt as to how important sunglasses are to a man’s look, all we need is to look back to the iconic Maverick (Tom Cruise) in the famous film Top Gun. Without dark glasses, his visual and iconic impact would certainly not be the same.

And the fact is that wearing sunglasses gives power to any look in seconds. It is an accessory that has the ability to change the appearance of the face, stylizing it in a breathtaking way.

Polarized Sunglasses

Which type of sunglasses should you choose?

When it comes to sunglasses, the diversity of models is wide, it all depends on the personal style, the occasion and the outfit. Another important aspect when choosing the perfect sunglasses for each person is to know what is in trend in order to keep up with the current fashion, and at the same time, to make a personal statement.

A good way to stick to what is in fashion, while being sure that you are wearing a high quality item, is to go for good brands of sunglasses. With polarised sunglasses from a renowned brand, you can be sure to add a touch of style and elegance to your outfit, while guaranteeing maximum protection for your eyes from UV rays and, therefore, optimal visual health care.

One brand of polarised sunglasses that has become a benchmark is Charly Therapy. Their line is associated with all things vintage, a style that is always on trend, with the particularity that they give their own touch to what is iconic to offer very original products at quite affordable prices.

The brand offers a wide variety of polarised glasses for men (and women too), who are usually very demanding when choosing this important daily accessory.

Among the models of glasses for men are Santorini Coral, Mykonos Dune, Ibiza Pine and Cream, Amalfi Mint, Barcelona Pearl, Split Tortoise and more. It’s really hard to choose one – they’re all beautiful!

Why wear polarised sunglasses?

Charly Therapy polarised sunglasses guarantee full protection against the sun’s aggressive rays. The protection level is UV400.

Wearing polarised sunglasses has many benefits, including reducing eye strain, complete protection from harmful UV rays, and they can be applied to prescription lenses, which optimises vision for those with sight problems.

They also optimise colour perception, help you see more clearly, avoid the impact of unpleasant glare and some models eliminate the reflection of sunlight on water.

One of the main advantages of polarised sunglasses is that they provide ample protection from the sun’s rays, without obscuring vision at high levels. In fact, they help you see better in low light or shadows.

They are ideal for maintaining concentration when driving a vehicle, not in vain their use is highly recommended when making long road trips.