Car accidents range from fender benders to fatalities. Even the most minor of crashes can cause injury,and sometimes we don’t even know it.

Wrecks that happen due to negligence and carelessness are the worst because they were entirely avoidable. Regardless of how severe your injuries are, you have the right to seek compensation to cover medical bills and damage.



Don’t let anyone try to tell you that whiplash is not a big deal. The pain you experience is due to the trauma of coming to an abrupt halt that strains muscles and tissues.

Whiplash is the most common injury due to a car collision and is the name for muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries directly caused by the accident. It takes time and lots of rest to recover. Your doctor might recommend other remedies.

Cuts and Bruises

A few painful scrapes and bruises might not seem like a huge deal. However, they can lead to infection and other complications. The injuries might have happened because of the impact or from projectiles inside of the vehicle. In either case, getting a doctor to check you out is always a good idea after a car accident.

Broken Bones

All broken bones hurt and could cause long-term problems. Ribs are some of the most fragile. Getting jarred forwards, backward, or sideways from the impact can snap one or more. The healing process from broken ribs is lengthy and requires tons of rest.

Broken limbs and other bones are just as painful and might never entirely heal. Rear-end and side-impact crashes are the most common crashes that lead to broken arms, legs, hips, and shoulders.

Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) from car accidents are tricky injuries. You might not even know that you are suffering from one. Head injuries can read to future complications and last a lifetime.

A TBI is not easy to diagnose. The moment you develop a headache or experience sleep difficulties, you should see a health professional. The treatment tends to get complicated, so the sooner you get it looked at, the better.

If you or a family member has experienced a head injury due to a car wreck, contacting an attorney for a free consult and advice is always a good idea.

Internal Bleeding

Another injury that might not show signs until it is too late is internal bleeding. Cuts and bruises regularly are a result of a car accident. However, even if there is a slight chance of internal bleeding, seek medical attention immediately. Even the most minor of accidents can lead to this potentially lethal injury.

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Spinal Trauma

Herniated discs are a common injury in car collisions. It occurs when one or more vertebrae rupture or shift. It is excruciating and can come with complications.

Spinal trauma might lead to long-term physical rehabilitation and surgeries. It is one of the injuries that might require an attorney to help you seek compensation for medical bills and other expenses.

Knee Injuries

Car accidents cause all sorts of trauma to different parts of the body. For example, knees sometimes slam against the dashboard leading to pain in your ligaments that make it hard to walk.

In some cases, you might need braces, crutches, or even surgery to fix the problem. The costs can pile up, especially when you add physical therapy to the list of treatments.

The Emotional After Effects

People tend to believe that car accident only lead to physical injuries and pain. Unfortunately, it is not the entire truth. Vehicle collisions can lead to emotional and mental pain. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a real thing and can follow a devasting car wreck.

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The unseen injuries require treatment as much as broken bones. PTSD is a stress disorder and can disrupt your life. Flashbacks are a red flag and should not go ignored.

Other physiological injuries such as guilt may develop after a car accident. Mental distress is a serious issue and requires as much attention as any physical injury that might occur.

The Need to Seek Medical Attention Immediately

The sooner you get medical attention after a car accident, the better. It takes time for some injuries to rear its head, and you want to avoid making an injury worse by waiting.

In some cases, it is more than just medical attention and care plans. For example, car accidents are sometimes the result of someone else’s negligence. You want to make sure that your rights remain intact, and a doctor’s visit is one of the first points of contact. An attorney should be on your call list next.

Attorneys Are Advocates

Even the most minor car accidents can have devasting after-effects. You don’t want to get buried under doctor bills or lost wages because of someone else. You want attorney David Mann on your side through this tough time in your life.

Medical bills lost wages, and various other expenses can pile up quickly. However, car accident lawyers know the law and your rights and will tirelessly pursue what is rightly yours.

You don’t have to take this journey on your own. An attorney will stand up for you and your rights to get the justice that is rightfully yours.