If you’re avoiding the gym because of Coronavirus and you want to shake up your exercise routine then it’s easy enough to work up a sweat and torch those calories inside with these gadgets.

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Leg Activator

This leg activator helps you exercise your legs while you’re relaxing in your favourite armchair. The device mimics the natural muscle activity of walking. Simply place your feet on the footrests and switch on. Feel your legs move gently forwards and backwards. Online Price £99.95

Kegel Exercise Ring

Keep your pelvic floor in perfectly toned condition with this great little exerciser. Simply place the exercise ring between your thighs and squeeze to target your pelvic muscles. Online Price £19.95

Neostar Fitness Tracker Monitor Wristband (1+1 FREE)

This Neostar fitness monitor is a very affordable alternative to expensive versions. If you’ve been thinking of getting a fitness tracker, you can now treat both yourself and a friend for a very modest outlay. Online Price £19.95

Motorised Mini Exercise Bike

Ideal for gentle, low-impact exercise or rehabilitation, it will help build muscle strength, improve mobility, increase circulation and strengthen your cardiovascular system while toning calves and thighs. You can also put it on a table and pedal with your hands to tone up or rehabilitate arms and shoulders. Online Price £99.95

Battery-Free Kinetic Electronic Bathroom Scales

These ingenious kinetic bathroom scales don’t ever need costly replacement batteries, which also pollute the environment. They work on the dynamo principle, one press of the central button generating enough kinetic energy to weigh you for around 60 seconds. Online Price £39.95

Boost Oxygen Beauty 2L Handbag size

Air pollution, stress and poor diet play havoc with skin, depleting oxygen reserves and causing loss of elasticity. Now, you can supplement those levels with Boost Oxygen Beauty Handbag Size! NO artificial ingredients, just 98% pure oxygen, infused with the soothing aroma of 100% natural, essential Pink Grapefruit and Frankincense oil. Online Price £14.95

Boost Pure Canned Oxygen – Large 9L

Boost medically-pure oxygen will help boost energy and combat stress, fatigue or air pollution, and give your metabolism a kick-start when you’re training or trying to lose weight. Online Price £29.95

VibroMax Muscle Vibration Platform

The VibroMax vibration platform is the latest in home fitness machines, creating up to 2,000 muscle contractions a minute. It generates multi-dimensional vibrations to contract and relax muscles, whilst simultaneously tilting from side to side at 8 degrees to tighten, firm and tone your whole body. Online Price £199.95

Total Body Exerciser

The Total Body Exerciser can help develop cardiovascular fitness, build leg and arm muscles and improve circulation at home – whilst seated in an ordinary chair. Online Price £59.95