This has been a hard year for everyone, an unprecedented time with lots of upheaval, trauma, and stressors. It is an understatement to say that life has been difficult. However, there are many ways you can manage your wellbeing during this uncomfortable and uncertain time. Self-care is paramount to finding peace and grounding. By prioritising small things and moments that bring joy, you will notice a change in stress levels. Amidst the struggle that has been 2020/21, small pleasures that can keep us all happy and sane.

Create those moments

A sustainable self-care practice is about creating moments each day that give you time to unwind, decompress and reset—helping both the mind and body. There are many ways we can take care of ourselves. The first step is to compassionately make choices that are good for you. Whatever these may be, make sure that they are unique to you and your needs. Meditate, take a trip, walk in the woods, nourish your body; there are many ways you can begin to unwind and relax. One very simple and rewarding way is by giving yourself a routine. This could be with breakfast, journaling, or even skincare.

How to start

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The best way to start is finding out what it is you need and listening to that. It is about making you a priority on a daily basis. Beauty therapy is one of the most simple and rewarding ways to feel pleasure and enjoy yourself. This could be make-up, skincare, haircare, or something else entirely.  Whatever the ritual, it can be a way to soothe, heal, find calm, and most importantly, boost your mood. Whether you need to find a solution to that worrying eyebrow hair loss or a luxurious massage, there are many ways to find peace through self-care. By looking into solutions, such as hair transplants, the confidence will shine through, making you feel better inside and out.

It begins as a nudge, a gentle reminder to pay a bit more attention to yourself. Take time to take your power back, and beat stress with simple rituals and beauty tricks. There is mindfulness in applying one thing at a time and paying attention to the details. By making sure you add these to your daily routine, it is likely you will feel a renewed sense of self-worth, self-expression, and energy. Breakthrough any negative cycles by being mindful and establishing a routine centered around you and your needs.

Changing your habits


The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way people engage with beauty habits on a daily basis, redefining standards, changing purchasing habits, and interrupting rituals. Nevertheless, beauty habits can, in fact, be a very important form of self-care, one that shouldn’t be forgotten. Femininity and beauty have power. There is nothing frivolous about spending time on yourself and your needs. Choosing how you engage with beauty and skincare rituals can be some of the most substantive decisions we make. By giving yourself time to focus on your wellbeing, it will ultimately serve you and, by extension, those around you.