Although there is a lot of debate regarding the environmental wisdom of drinking bottled water, no one actually disputes the fact that purified water is better for you than other water. However, if you utilize a water-purification system in your home, you do not even have to rely on hundreds of tiny bottles. That said, many people mistakenly assume that filtered water and purified water are the same. However, this is incorrect.

Purified water is created through a process called double filtration that is not used for filtered water. In fact, purified water is water that has gone through a process that results in water that is closest to its original form. Consequently, with purified water, you can have all the health and taste benefits without impacting the environment with discarded plastic.

  1. No old pipes

Although the water you drink from your tap is clean and free of contaminants as it leaves your local water facility, it still must travel through pipes before it reaches your home. Unfortunately, those pipes might be full of rust, dirt, and other debris. Additionally, depending on the age of your home, your pipes are most likely adding their own unhealthy mixture of rust and dirt.

Furthermore, you cannot always see the dirt and debris flowing from your faucet. In fact, you might not even see rust pouring into your glass of water. Because it is not possible to visually determine the cleanliness of your water, it is better to err on the side of safety and use a purification system to ensure your drinking water is safe. The best way to do this is to research and purchase one sold by a reputable online dealer. For a quick link, you can visit

  1. Tastes better

Water is good for you as well as essential. However, the thought of drinking water that tastes awful can cause you to not drink enough, resulting in dangerous levels of dehydration. Fortunately, purified water always tastes great. Additionally, it is never anything but clean and refreshing. Finally, using a system to purify your water ensures you will never be thirsty and will always remain hydrated throughout your day.

  1. Smells better

There is nothing more disgusting then turning on your tap to get a cold glass of water only to be hit with a putrid smell. Such water stinks because of bacteria and contaminants, which can easily make you sick.

Conversely, purified water is just that–purified. This means that anything harmful or just plain smelly is removed before it ever enters your glass. In fact, you can rest assured that drinking purified water prevents you from accidentally ingesting contaminants.

  1. Removes chlorine

Local treatment centers utilize chlorine to disinfect your tap water. This practice can result in bitter water. You may also, at times, be able to smell the chlorine. Getting a whiff of chlorine just before you take a drink of water can be rather alarming.

Purified water, however, does not pose this problem. In fact, a quality carbon filter will reduce the chlorine content of your tap water by 99 percent. Finally, it is important to note that research has shown a link between chlorinated water with an increased risk of developing cancer, including colon cancer.

  1. Safe

Although tap water is typically safe, it can still contain trace amounts of contaminants. For instance, even though the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined the legal limits for over 90 contaminants in drinking water, individual states are left to regulate their drinking water standards.


Unfortunately, even the most closely regulated water sources can experience contamination, and contaminants can result in trace amounts of such things as chemicals and metals making their way into the water, ultimately causing serious health issues. For instance, lead and copper, both of which are heavy metals, have been known to leach into drinking water. Additionally, both lead and copper have been linked to stomach issues as well as brain damage. However, in-home water purifiers remove metals, contaminants, and chemicals to ensure no such health hazards can occur.

  1. Adds essential minerals

In addition to helping you remain hydrated, water contains essential minerals, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It is important to understand that purified water is water that is free of contaminants, chemicals, and metals. However, it retains the essential minerals that water naturally contains and your body needs.

  1. Removes allergens

If you suffer from skin allergies, a water purifier can be an integral part of your daily routine in the fight against skin irritants. This is because a water purifier removes chlorine and other allergens from your water, leaving it safe to use.