We refer wrinkles and fine lines by laugh lines- defined as a result of all cheerful and joyful times in your life. But that’s not all true when you can prevent them whilst enjoying jubilant times.

Dr. Sawaira Saif – Dermatologist in Lahore says: “Of course, Ageing is inevitable – but there are ways to reverse it too!”

As we age, the skin fiber weakens, and skin sags as it loses its support structure.
Skin becomes thin, loses its fat and gets a rougher structure. You would see an accumulation of hanging skin under your arms.

Genetics play a vital role in each individual’s aging process- making a few looks 50 at the age of 80, while few have an adverse effect, unfortunately.

Studies show, few strategies took into account can combat aging at its core.

In this spotlight, we will explore what Skin specialists advise to reverse or slow down the aging process.

Man wearing a bathrobe, relaxed, putting lotion on his face

Seven ways out for Ageing fast:

1. Avoid Sun Damage: Ultraviolet rays damage skin fibers associated with an elasticity allowing Age spots, wrinkles, and Fine lines to appear. Reducing sun exposure lessen the chances of age spots and wrinkles. Here’s what you should keep in mind:
-> Wear sunscreen as you step out.
-> Avoid extreme sun rays and sunbathing a lot.
-> Take sun-protective measures, a hat, and sunglasses.

2. Take Rich Diet: Diet is the key to your healthy skin. Diet becomes essential to recover from skin damage caused by environmental factors. Some of the nutrients that are must take:

-> Vitamin C
-> Vitamin E
-> Vitamin A

You can take all these nutrients by adding olive oil, flax seeds, nuts and milk in a proportion to your diet. If you’re not a fan of eating healthy. You can take Vitamin’s supplements or even just Vitamin C mask to put on your face every week – Retinoid is known to be the most popular anti-aging ingredient consisting of Vitamin A. It regenerates blood vessels which helps improving skin’s texture (reducing fine lines and age spots). Retinoid can be found in medicated creams and moisturizing gels.
It is recommended to replace your normal moisturizers with retinoid-based moisturizer.

3. Limit smoking and alcohol consumption: A term “Smoker’s face” is in referred to low blood flow, dull and aged-looking face. Studies show a smoker ages faster than a non-smoker with same diet.
Drinking dehydrates your body and water is the key to good skin, therefore drinking alcohol makes skin lose its youthfulness.

4. Practice Facial exercises: You must have heard of reducing double chin with facial exercises, likewise you can reduce a definite amount of wrinkles and fine lines with them. Yoga and deep breath exercises are found to be the most potent.

5. Cleanse, Moisturize, and Exfoliate: Your skin needs proper care to renew its dead cells and bring new ones. This cell renewal process is fast when we are young but slows down as we age. To get youthful and fresh skin again, we need to remove the dead cells manually so that new ones can come. This is what exfoliating is all about.
Exfoliate your skin twice a day to fasten your skin cell process which keeps your skin tight and fasten blood flow. You will notice your cheeks all pink after exfoliation.

6. Facial Therapy: Having Anti-ageing facial at the spa once a month will help your skin stay young. If you don’t have time for home face masks and facials at spas, you can seek for medicated and Hydra Facials. Once done, you’re good to go for a year.

7. Get Laser treatments: The last but not the least, Skin rejuvenation. The secret to all celebrities who don’t age. A lot of skin procedures including Skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation can make you look 10 years younger just after one session. Botox is a good choice if you want to eliminate crow’s feet. Dermal fillers are proven to be beneficial in lifting cheeks making your face a youthful appearance. Skin rejuvenation reduces wrinkles, fine lines and age spots to a very visible amount making your skin look youthful just as it were 10 years before.

Aging is a natural inevitable process but you can curtail the signs of aging by these tips and treatments. Individuals in their 20’s can start by making minor changes to lifestyle which will help them in the long run. People with premature signs of aging can take skincare measures to assure delay in the aging process. If you’re concerned about your growing skin, you can consult a skin specialist in Lahore.