You might be feeling a little congested, anxious, or even sore this winter in Australia. With so many medications and immunity pills and lozenges available in the market, what can you opt to help you cope with the issues that come along with, in winter? 

Let us introduce you to a new buzzing trend that’s hit the market, and created a positive ruckus in the beauty and wellness industry – essential oils. Essential oils, especially eucalyptus essential oil is best for clearing out one’s sinuses, relieving one’s muscles that are sore, and even help combat stress. 

What exactly is eucalyptus oil? 

Pure eucalyptus oil is the essence that comes from oval-shaped leaves called eucalyptus trees that natively belong to the region of Australia. Fresh eucalyptus leaves are firstly dried, then crushed. After this, they are distilled to release the essence of eucalyptus, which is what eucalyptus oil. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Here’s exactly how you can make use of pure eucalyptus oil in your daily lives to sustain yourself through the cold:

1. Use it to Keep Bad Breath at Bay 

Eucalyptus essential oil is such a good agent to be used as a natural mouthwash that can help you combat issues such as the bad breath. To make use of this oil effectively, just drop two or more drops of water, gargle, and spit it out. Do not at any cost swallow the eucalyptus essential oil. It is not for ingestion. 

2. Use it to Fight Off Dandruff. 

Are you suffering from dandruff? If you’ve tried probably every shampoo on the market, and it failed to work, then try out pure eucalyptus oils. Using antifungal components from eucalyptus essential oil, the yeast in one’s hair that causes the growth of dandruff can stop its flourishing. Just mix a few safe drops of eucalyptus essential oil with two tablespoons of coconut oil. Leave the mixture on for about half an hour and then rinse it thoroughly. This will make sure that dandruff will not flourish in your hair and restrict the growth of such hair fungus. 

3. Use it to Soothe Insect Bites.

Eucalyptus essential oil as a natural antiseptic can be used to soothe insect bites. It can simultaneously also be used to treat ulcers and sores. The antimicrobial properties present in oils also work as a great preventative technique used to ward off the growth of new germs. Just applying a few drops of essential oil on the area of concern with the help of a sanitized cotton ball twice in a day can have a soothing effect on big bites. 

4. Use it to Heal Cuts.

You can easily create an antiseptic wash of your own at home that can be used to heal cuts and minor burns. By dropping about 10 to 12 drops of eucalyptus essential oil into two cups of water, you can create a special spray bottle that can be used to spritz on wounds, cuts, and burns. This gives a cooling yet the antiseptic effect on the skin and creates fencing that protects the skin. 

5. Use it to Relieve Sunburn.

Eucalyptus Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. When this property is coupled with its menthol cooling sensation, then it is an ideal element to use to cool any painful sunburn. Using the essential oil on one’s skin also acts as a protective infection resistant barrier that keeps at bay all kinds of infection. 

So after reading through, you might just be tempted to get yourself the best eucalyptus essential oil and experience the goodness of it in your daily life. If you are wondering where to buy Pure essential oils, then just hop onto some of the best websites online supplying good quality online services catering to vegan and eucalyptus essential oils.