If you are currently exercising, you are supposed to look for the right sports bra. Some sports bras do not offer enough breathing room, while others may be unable to hold up the pressure that may accrue when you are exercising. On the other hand, some sports bras may be appealing, but they do not fit. In such a case, you may be forced to rely on reinforcements.

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Some of the tips that you should consider when looking for a sports bra include:

  1. Make Sure You Are Conversant with the Basics

There are three types of sports bras: encapsulated, combination, and compression. The compression bras usually press the breasts against a person’s chest, and they are ideal for the women with small cup sizes. The encapsulation bras usually have individual cups, and they provide some extra support. Such bras are suitable for women who have large breasts. The combination bras normally offer the best of both worlds since they will minimize the breasts using the inner support cups so that they can encapsulate. Also, they have an outer layer that can compress the breasts.

  1. Opt for Low-impact Sports Bras

There are some exercises whereby you will not need to use a high impact bra. When engaging in activities such as yoga, you can purchase a low impact bra since it is also made of lighter materials. A high impact bra is suitable for activities such as jumping or running.

  1. You Should Be Conversant with Moisture Wicking

Moisture-wicking is a term that refers to the ability of a certain type of fabric to pull the sweat off your skin as you exercise. The sweat should be released to the exterior part of the garment to enhance easy evaporation. An excellent sports bra will ensure that you will not be sweaty during each workout session. As a result, look for a bra that is manufactured using moisture-absorbing fabrics to ensure that you will not be drenched in your sweat during each workout session.

  1. Always Check the Straps

While checking the straps, you should hold the top of one of the straps. You will then hold the center of the cup that corresponds to the strap that you are holding. After that, you have to pull! If the straps are less stretchy, it means they can provide more motion control.

  1. Check the Side Panels and the Band

You can also check the bra’s band. Make sure that the bra has the right band size. It would be best if you slid your finger under each band between your breasts and then pull. If you are able to pull the band more than an inch, you should pick a bra that has a smaller band size.

  1. Consider the Color of the Bra

At times, the workout sessions may be somewhat boring. While picking your gym wear, make sure the colors are fun. They should also catch your fancy so that they can also motivate you during each workout session.

  1. Purchase the Proper Fit

When looking for a sports bra, you should always seek the proper fit. The sports bra may feel a little tighter as compared to your usual bra. If the sports bra is tight, you will be unable to breathe during the workout session. As a result, you should look for a different size. The bra is supposed to fit in smoothly. Also, the bra’s straps should not dig into your shoulders.

  1. Make Sure You Have Tested Your Movement in a Trial Room

When purchasing a sports bra, you may try it out in the trial room. In the trial room, you can try out jumping jacks. If your chest is moving too much, you should not purchase the bra.

The following tips will help to ensure that your sports bra has lasted for a prolonged period:

  • When washing the white sports bras, you should avoid bleach and fabric softeners. Always hand wash the sports bras using cold water and mild detergent. When you use hot water, the spandex in the sports bras will break down.
  • The bra’s band is elastic, and it usually stretches when you wear it all day long. The bra takes time to recover from the stretching. If you don’t want to replace the sports bras often, you should rotate the bras daily. By doing so, the bra’s bands will have enough time to rest after each workout session.

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