Getting fit and healthy is probably the number one New Years Resolution on everyone’s list. A garden gym building from Green Retreats is a great way to help you reach your fitness goals and make them part of your lifestyle.

9 Reasons to Consider a Garden Gym

Garden Gyms

Extra Space

A garden room adds space to your home rather than using up any spare room or corner, creating a bright and fresh environment for you to stretch out into.


Garden buildings are an adaptable space that can be transformed at a moments notice to suit your needs. Homeschooling classroom, garden office or garden cinema room are some great ideas! What’s more, you can create dual-purposes spaces in one with a gym and garden office combo being a popular option.

Garden Gyms


A garden gym is a private space away from the main house letting you focus on your fitness without the worry of being interrupted, or you disturbing anyone in your household. Being a private space means no queueing for equipment too!


The internal environment of your home gym can be completely tailored to suit your needs. Whether you need a space where you can crank up the volume for a fast-paced high-intensity workout, or you need a quiet room for yoga and meditation – a garden room can do both.

Garden Gyms‘Edge’ design by Green Retreats | 6m x 4m | prices starting from £25,995


Having a fully-equipt gym at home in the comfort and practicality of your garden makes incorporating your fitness goals into your daily life more achievable.

Open 24/7

Your garden gym can be open any time of day, letting you blow off some steam whenever works for you.


As a private space for you and your household, you have full control over the hygiene and safety of your garden gym.

Garden Gyms


Green Retreats garden buildings are constructed using toughened double-glazing and insurance grade locks, making them a safe and secure place to store your expensive and sought after gym equipment.

Insulated for Year-Round Use

Green Retreats uses premium insulating materials to create a warm and dry environment for you to workout in any season. The walls of the building allow for the directional transfer of heat and moisture to eliminate the risk of dampness and condensation whilst keeping the outside elements at bay.

Every building comes with heating included as standard within the price with optional upgrades for air conditioning and underfloor heating.

Fitness Equipment Suitable for Garden Gyms

Are you planning to build your own garden gym? Well, you need to know about some must-have equipment for your gym. So, we have compiled a list of fitness tools to help you in the process.

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes help in fitness training to boost full-body conditioning and strength. It is a simple workout tool that even a beginner can use. With its help, you can train your muscles of the arms, back, upper back, abs, and glutes. If you practice squats, lunges, and jumps while using battle rope, you can work your legs as well.


This equipment is ideal for young athletes, beginners, and seniors. They stimulate muscle growth, and help you to improve muscle flexibility and force. Dumbbells are available indifferent weights to facilitate every fitness enthusiast. What’s more, you will find dumbbells in different materials and shapes, from straight up to colorful plastic-coated metal.


When it comes to the barbell, you have two options. You can choose a barbell with a bench press rack, squat rack, and removable plates. Or, you can simply go for adjustable or fixed barbells with a smaller bar. They are ideal for performing intense workouts focusing on the lower back, hamstrings, and abs.

Fitness Ball

Fitness ball is the best equipment that offer you a wide range of fitness activities, especially core exercises. It challenges you to maintain stability while performing bicep curls, chest presses, plank knee tucks, or dead bugs. These balls help you stimulate muscles of the core, like abdominal, deep pelvic, and low back muscles if used right with the best infrared heating pads.

Real Customer Case Study:

Alexa and James needed a home gym/pilates studio after James suffered a badly herniated disk in his back. Space inside the home was limited so it made sense to look outside of the box for ideas.

Garden Gyms

The solution was a Green Retreats garden room building as a private home gym. A stunning 3m wide by 5m deep ‘Edge‘ design fit perfectly in their long and narrow garden, typical of Victorian properties in London.

Garden Gyms

The customers transformed the inteiror of their building into their a personal gym and pilates studio where private classes could take place.

‘James now has weekly private Pilates classes in the space and, as a result, his back has improved so much that he no longer needs surgery!’

With the growing popularity of garden rooms, especially over the past year, there are a lot of suppliers to choose from.

Green Retreats have been the UKs trusted garden room company since 2005, with modern showrooms in Buckinghamshire and Twickenham, unparalleled customer service, a 5* Trustpilot rating and an enviable environmental policy. Green Retreats have also recently been backed by architecture guru Kevin McCloud!

Garden Gyms

Green Retreats garden room prices start at £14,745 for a complete and installed solution. That means prices include VAT, professional installation, base/foundations, 2.3m French or sliding doors, opening window, oak laminate flooring, internal wiring, 3 double plug sockets, lighting, heating, premium-grade insulation, delivery within 100 miles of their factory… and much more!

– Designed and built in the UK
– Fully professionally installed as standard
– 10-year guarantee
– Eco-friendly
– Insulated, weatherproofed and heated for year-round-use
– Planning permission rarely required (as easy to add as a garden shed!)

Proudly the UK’s largest, leading and most trusted garden room company with over 13,000 garden retreats installed and an independent 5-star rating on Trustpilot from their customers.