If we look back a couple of decades, Cycling was one of the most practiced recreational activities among the youth. The invention of internet and video games slightly pushed the cycling industry out of the picture. Cycles were deemed to slow and too cumbersome to drive especially in their manual versions. With the passage of time the cycling industry has also transformed itself and is now starting to re-emerge on the global scale.

There are various factors that have contributed to the resurgence of the cycling industry but one main factor that has really turned the attention back to cycling is the advent of Electronic Cycles, more famously known as the “Electric Bikes.” These Electric bikes are similar in design to the traditional bikes but there have been major changes on how they function.

kbo bike

These bikes are much easier to drive as compared to the traditional ones as their electronic capability make riding a much more joyful experience. All you have to do is to charge your E-bike, like you charge your mobile phone, and enjoy its ride seamlessly.

E-bikes are not completely automatic, nor are they made to replace human power; their capability as electronic gadgets facilitate and augment the human driving experience which makes riding a bicycle way more convenient than ever before.

There are various E-bike companies in the market today however KBO Bikes stand above the rest. KBO bikes are now a household name in the cycling industry with thousands of satisfied customers across the globe. What makes KBO Bikes better than the rest? Well, let us explain:

KBO bikes come with a portable 48V, 16AH lithium battery that charges your bike for a journey as long as 55 miles which is one the best battery capacities in E-bike industry. The bikes come in with a brushless motor of 500W that makes you feel the swirl of the wind as you ride along the city roads.

Despite having these efficient electronic gadgets fitted to the bike, the KBO bikes are very easy to carry and weight about 62lbs maximum. The KBO Hurricane e-bike only weight about 36Lbs making it very convenient to carry it upstairs & downstairs.

The tires are one of the most essential components of a bike and something every passionate cyclist looks at. KBO uses the Panasonic puncture resistant tires which are made of very fine quality. These tires make riding through difficult terrain smooth and comfortable. If you are into adventure riding, this should be for your first choice.

kbo bike

There is more to the KBO bikes universe than its outstanding hardware. All KBO bikes have been developed after a lot of research & development making them suitable to different roads. The KBO breeze has a top speed of nearly 22 miles per hour and that too without pedalling. If you use pedal assistance alongside you can hit more than 25 miles per hour!

As global population and traffic increases day by day it is only sensible to be using electric bikes for your daily routine. A lot of city councils across are now encouraging commuting through E-bikes to save on fuel costs, pollution and reduce the traffic volume.

The next few years look pretty good for the E-bike industry. So what are you waiting for? Order now and get your KBO Bikes delivered at your door step!