The Komodo Island ranks among the world’s leading tourist destinations. Therefore, it no surprise that it tends to be a little bit crowded during peak season. This can sometimes affect the diving experience especially considering the fact that having too many divers at a spot can end up scaring some marine life away.

The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice the great weather that is typical in the peak season just to have a good dive. This is because you can always make some adjustments in order to ensure that you get to the diving site earlier than other people. The following are tips that will come in handy in helping you to get the best diving experience, even during peak seasons, by enabling you to get to diving sites earlier than everyone else.

Komodo Island Diving

Opt for a liveaboard tour

Going for a liveaboard tour offers an immersive experience for anyone who goes for Komodo Island diving. And since you will be practically living on the boat, it is also an effective way of ensuring that you get access to popular diving sites way before anyone else. This, in addition to the fact that such a tour will give you enough time to explore even the remotest of places on the Island, makes for a better diving experience.

Since there are shared liveaboard tours in the area, this option tends to be economical. You not only get to share the cost of exploring the island, but also get to avoid having to pay for accommodation on the island. Therefore, if you don’t mind spending a few days, or sometimes even weeks, on a boat, there is every reason to want to choose this option when you go diving in Komodo island.

Use a speed boat

The second most effective way of ensuring that you get to our favorite diving spots early enough is to go with a speed boat. These boats are faster than the typical boat in the island. And since they don’t have a huge carrying capacity, you won’t experience delays as a result of having to wait for other passengers. The only downside to this option is the fact that it is relatively more expensive. Also, divers who choose the liveaboard option will always beat you to the site since they can practically sleep and wake up in the spot.

Choose a Labuan Bajo accommodation that is nearer to the diving sites

Komodo Island Diving

Going by boat eats up enough time, and so there is really no need to waste more time traveling by land. Therefore, booking accommodation in an area that is closest o where the boat is located will go a long way towards helping you to reach your destination faster. It will reduce the hassle of struggling with your gear. And if you plan on taking several trips to your diving sites, it will help you to save on travel expenses.

Choose an operator-owned boat

In Labuan Bajo, there are a lot of operators who offer transportation services to various spots on the Komodo Islands. Unfortunately, not all of them own their boats. As a result, if you end up choosing an operator who does not own their boat, you can end up experiencing delays. This is because some of these operators do not have complete control over the boat’s schedule and scheduling conflicts can lead to undue delays or completely canceled trips.

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If you want to get to your diving spots early, choosing an operator who actually owns their boat will go a long way to avoid undue delays. With such operators, you will get a certain degree of confidence that you will start your journey as scheduled and this will avoid inconveniences.

It is important to note that shared trips can also lead to delays since the operators only start the trip once a certain threshold is met. As a result, if you can afford it, opting for private liveaboards and other forms of private travel will give you better control.