Steve Lesnard is at the forefront of The North Face innovation as is seen in the recent disruptive innovation of Vectiv, footwear geared to exploit performance on all types of trails. It pushes the user forward and allows athletes to run comfortably for a long time by lessening the reaction on their bodies.

The North Face and Steve Lesnard always seek ways to push the limits of innovative apparel and equipment as is seen with the Vectiv line of product. He has gained a reputation as an entrepreneur with an outstanding track record in brand marketing. Steve’s record shows his focus is on leveraging new technology to react and innovate new products that will revolutionize how brands engage with consumers.

Disruptive Technology and Product Personalization

Steve Lesnard CMO and VP of Product Creation at The North Face, has over the years been involved in international marketing strategies, providing consultation to global marketing campaigns for various brands in the athletic sector.

He seeks to provide a beneficial, disruptive influence on people’s lives through products he spearheads. In a recent podcast, Lesnard discusses how he likes to share knowledge and insights on brand marketing concepts he calls consumer-centric.


According to this concept that Steve Lesnard talks about, brands that embrace and exploit new technology to listen to changing consumer demands will transform their relationships with consumers. A brand should provide product personalization at a disruptive level to leave consumers asking for more.

Strong Will and Vision

Steve Lesnard believes in strong will and vision. This is what propels him in his endeavor in spearheading disruptive innovation for consumer benefit. A value-driven identity that reflects in product ideas like the Vectiv shoe line, a product that consistently stands for this vision.

The interaction of a consumer with a brand gives vital information about consumer’s interests and what they are looking for. On that front, Steve’s focus is on providing truly beneficial products to the consumer by using the gained information to instrument disruptive, beneficial modifications in their lifestyles. This with the help of new technological advancements.


What motivates a consumer and what is his or her long-term goal? Lesnard creates a much more personal and deeper relationship of brand and consumer through meaningful products; for example, in the Vectiv line of shoes.

New Technology Enhances Consumer Experience

Vectiv is an innovative footwear product with revolutionary soling architecture geared for the needs of running, hiking, and mountainous terrain, thanks to new technological advancements. New technology integrated into the product allows runners to go long miles comfortably without feeling the reaction impact.

This shoe product implements carbon fiber and composite plate technologies. This aligns with North Face and Steve Lesnard’s vision and commitment of always pushing innovation to the boundaries. Technology provides the capacity to quickly and effectively gather data, process, and use the information to better understand the consumer base.

Talk of Steve Lesnard’s consumer-centric approach; he has an insightful understanding of the company’s consumer base. Using the information to learn what the consumer will want and the right timing of releasing innovative and disruptive products.


Lesnard anticipates consumer demand and provides disruptive experiences that significantly benefit consumers. The basis is to collect and process essential data to gain meaningful insights into consumer behaviors.

Data is an amazing source of consumer insight that spearheads every front of disruptive innovation. Thanks to technology, brands gain insights into what consumers are looking for and the immediate need for fulfillment.

According to Steve Lesnard, the bottom line is to provide the precise product, for the voracious consumer, timely, at a scale.