The life of an athlete is filled with excitement and joy, but it is in no way an easy one. Professional sportspeople go through extensive training on a daily basis to be in the best shape possible. Additionally, they have to stay on top of their eating habits and develop healthy sleeping patterns. Let’s not forget about the stress that is associated with the constant competition that is an inseparable part of every athlete’s life.

Keeping up with such a strict lifestyle requires tremendous physical and mental endurance. Sometimes, even the most successful athletes need help from outside to keep up with all this. Thus, many sports people turn to red light therapy for a workout that allows their body and mind to perform at their best. What’s more, this non-invasive treatment method helps speed up the healing process and raise energy levels.

Let’s dig deep into the science behind red light therapy and see how this method can aid your physical performance too.

Intro To Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy uses the low-level light wavelengths that reach beyond the skin barrier and affect muscle and bone tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. The main secret of its effectiveness lies in increased cellular metabolism. Red light optimizes cellular energy production that is essential for properly functioning cells.

Boosted cellular processes help our body target and fight various issues from within. That’s what makes red light therapy a great companion in aiding quick recovery and overall well-being.

How Can Red Light Therapy Help Athletes Improve The Performance?

Red light therapy can help athletes improve their performance in several ways. A study published in the journal Laser Therapy observed the time it took injured athletes to return to play with red light therapy’s aid. The results demonstrated that continuous red light and near-infrared light exposure double the injury recovery speed; therefore, athletes can go back to their usual lifestyle much faster.


Red Light For Pain Management

One of the most prominent benefits of red light therapy is increased blood flow. This is achieved by promoting the formation of new blood vessels that help deliver essential elements throughout the body. As a result, inflammation that is often a byproduct of sports injuries is reduced. What’s more, red light therapy reduces pain and develops stronger, healthier tissue.

Red Light For Muscle Growth & Recovery

The extensive training that pro athletes go through puts their muscles under tremendous stress. Red light therapy can help speed up muscle recovery by reducing inflammation and boosting tissue regeneration. The research shows that applying red light therapy before or after workouts prevents muscle soreness. What’s more, it helps form cells with long-lasting health and promotes better physical endurance. For male athletes, red light therapy can boost testosterone levels which lead to improvement of muscle strength and bone density.

Apart from Red Light, most of the atheletes also prefer deep tissue massage therapy  to boost muscle function and recovery after every workout. This therapy is a great way to prevent muscle fatigue or sorness it maintains the blood circulation and increases the oxygen flow in muscles. A Deep Tissue massager like Exogun DreamPro is a great fit for this therapy. Used by the pros, Exogun delivers ultimate recovery!

Red Light For Elevating Energy Levels

Another excellent advantage of red light is that it helps raise energy levels throughout the body. As we’ve already mentioned above, red light therapy increases blood flow. This means that oxygen levels are optimized throughout the body. What’s more, the delivery of necessary nutrients is also improved. As a result, you feel more energized, focused, and ready to conquer the world!

Red Light For Better Sleep

Without proper sleep, it’s impossible to maintain good life quality, not to mention physical strength. Therefore, professional athletes need to have their sleeping schedule in check. Extensive research backs up red light therapy’s effectiveness for improving sleep. Red light particles optimize the secretion of melatonin. This hormone is responsible for notifying our bodies that it’s time to sleep. Additionally, red light has the power to soothe the brain, which in combination with raised melatonin levels, promotes healthier sleeping patterns.

Research indicates that being exposed to the red light before sleep promotes sounder sleep and helps you wake up energized in the morning.


Use Red Light Therapy Like A Pro Athlete

The benefits of red light therapy aren’t just for professional athletes. This treatment method is highly accessible to a broader public. Therefore, if you want to use it to boost energy levels and improve your physical endurance, you can! A great thing about RLT is that it has no adverse effects. So, you can get it without a specialist’s supervision.

Where To Get Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is available in selected clinics and salons. You can sign up for the consultation and plan your treatments accordingly. Alternatively, you can purchase an in-home light panel and enjoy benefits from the comfort of your home. The latter can be a better choice for those who want to use RLT to boost their physical performance. Having your own red light therapy device will allow you to get treatment sessions close to workouts and maximize the results.