Being consistent with the daily workouts and other fitness activities can be a heinous task. Some days, you may feel tired or uninspired to take on your gym workouts or even hit the road for jogging, which can slow your fitness goals. Don’t worry when this happens, because it’s normal,especially for beginners’ workouts for strength. Sometimes, the spirit may be willing but the weakness of the flesh will prevent such activities.

But there is a way out. You can still take your workouts to the next level with some little changes and help. Intensive workouts meant for agility, strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility, demand very high energy levels. As such, you may need some lifestyle changes and the help of dietary supplements like high stim pre workout (high stimulant pre-workout) to push you through. Yes, you read it right! You may need a pre-workout.

But wait. You may have heard a lot of stories about pre-workouts, both the negatives and positives. Users have told you all the goodies it has to offer, including its ability to improve your fitness to take on high challenges. Proponents on the other hand believe it is dangerous to your health.

These have probably left you hanging on whether or not to use these supplements to support your fitness goals. So, what is high stim pre-workout, and is it right for you? Read on, as we delve intothis energy-boosting supplement.

High Stim Pre-Workouts

Before going into high stim, let’s briefly talk about pre-workout for the sake of beginners. Pre-workouts are supplements that give athletes and bodybuilders extra energy boost and endurance when training. They normally come in powder form to be added to water before consumption.

There are several things to consider when choosing a pre-workout supplement. Most importantly, you have to consider your fitness goals and the ingredients used for the supplement. There are two main types of pre-workouts, non-stim and stim pre-workouts.

Non-stim pre-workout contains no caffeine or stimulants, and it’s ideal for beginners, afternoon workouts, and for anyone trying to avoid caffeine and its adverse effects.

On the other hand, stim pre-workout contains caffeine and stimulants to increase energy, alertness, and endurance. It is best for high-performance workouts and pro trainers. For this article, we will stay on high stim pre-workout.

High stim pre-workout contains a high level of caffeine and stimulants to give you an extra energy boost for your gym work. It gives you the strength and endurance needed for high-performance and longer workouts. Some of these supplements can also help you burn more calories.

High stim pre-workout is formulated with ingredients like amino acids, beta-alanine, and creatine for power, speed, and strength. Coupled with other stimulants and ingredients, it enhances your ability to take on high challenges, improves your stamina, and promotesperformance. You can check the ingredients from the product label or leaflet that comes with it.

Benefits of high-stim pre-workout

• Helps you to burn more calories in a shorter time
• Builds your stamina and endurance to push harder and train longer
• Boost your edge for workouts thanks to the high level of stimulants
• Increases your strength level for high performance
• Stimulates your central nervous system to Increase alertness, and focus, and speed up your heart rate
• Enhance blood flow and pumps
• Support muscle growth and recovery


Side effects of high stim pre-workout


Side effects of high stim pre-workout vary and mostly depend on the tolerance level of the user.Also, they may result from the ingredients used. For example, the high level of caffeine and stimulants in it can cause severe side effects. That aside, you may be allergic to some of the ingredients or they may not be suitable for you. Manufacturers state the possible side effects on the product label. You should read it well before taking it. The effects may be severe or mild and can include


Headache is one of the common side effects you can experience after using a fitness supplement. It mostly happens after you’ve completed your exercise and the stimulant effect of the supplement has subsided.

Insomnia and jitters

Ingredients like caffeine and the other stimulants used in formulating high stim pre-workout can cause insomnia, anxiety, and jitters. This can lead to other health conditions and prolonged use isn’t advisable for persons with cardiovascular diseases.

High blood pressure and increased heart rate

Persons with heart-related conditions and high blood pressure should seek medical advice before using high stims. The stimulants can trigger your health condition as you get intense, and thatcan be fatal in severe cases.

Other side effects may include dehydration, skin reaction, stomach upset, constipation, bloating, dizziness, and negative interaction with other medications.

How to reduce the side effects

• Take in lots of fluid before taking your supplement to prevent dehydration
• If you are a beginner, start with lower doses and increase it with time
• Always remember to take your supplement with food
• Before you take on any intense workouts, do warm-ups

Take home

High stim pre-workout is formulated to meet your exercise needs at a time. Therefore, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s prescribed dosage. A high dose of such a highly formulated supplement can cause a heart attack in severe cases. It is also best to consult your doctor about the specific pre-workout you want to use. Some may contain complex ingredients you are allergic to or can cause damage to your health in the end. In addition, don’t combine two different pre-workouts, as it can be dangerous to your health. The choice is now yours; after going through the benefits and side effects; do you think high stim is right for you? Make a choice! Happy workout!