With the increase in searches for superhero workouts online, the sports nutrition company Bulk wanted to investigate the rising trend and find out what superhero workouts the world is searching for the most on Google, Youtube and viewing on TikTok.

The Most Searched Superhero Workouts on Google

Looking at workout related search terms relating to superheroes (e.g Batman workout plan) the research revealed that the Batman workout (198,330 searches per year) is the most popular superhero workout in 2022, followed by the Thor workout (160,800 searches per year) and Superman’s exercise routine (147,950 searches per year).

1.Batman – 198,330 searches
2.Thor – 160,800 searches
3.Superman – 147,950 searches
4.Captain America – 119,320 searches
5.Spiderman – 108,350 searches
6.Wolverine – 50,170 searches
7.Black Widow – 32,740 searches
8.Bane – 30,630 searches
9.Wonder Woman – 24,510 searches
10.Deadpool – 17,370 searches


The Most Searched Superhero Workouts on YouTube

Meanwhile, the most popular workout on YouTube is Thor’s workout with 1,260,000 searches per year. Superman workout came second with 1,092,000 searches followed by Batman workout with 1,027,000 searches.

1.Thor – 1,260,000 searches
2.Superman – 1,092,000 searches
3.Batman – 1,027,000 searches
4.Captain America – 840,000 searches
5.Wonder Woman – 487,000 searches
6.Wolverine – 382,000 searches
7.Spiderman – 98,400 searches
8.Black Widow – 39,000 searches
9.Bane – 19,200 searches
10.Deadpool – 8,500 searches


The Most Viewed Superhero Workouts on TikTok

As for Gen Z’s favourite platform TikTok, the most popular workout by far is the Thor workout with 4,600,000 views. The Black Widow workout came second with 1,200,000 views on Tik Tok while the Spiderman workout rounded out the top three most viewed workouts with 699,400 views.

1.Thor – 4,600,000
2.Black Widow – 1,200,000
3.Spiderman – 699,400
4.Captain America – 439,000
5.Batman – 118,400
6.Superman – 54,300
7.Wolverine – 20,900
8.Wonder Woman – 3,407
9.Bane – 817
10.Deadpool – 447


The Most and Least Achievable Superhero Workout Plans

The study also provides insights from Bulk’s Head of Innovation and expert in sports nutrition, Rowan Cooke on the most and least realistic superhero workouts and the safest way to put on muscle mass that the average person can follow.

According to Rowan, the Superman workout routine is the most achievable while The Rock’s is the least achievable. Rowan said: ‘’The Superman workout offers the most personalisation depending on whether your goal is to add muscle mass or reduce body fat, instead of rolling both into one overall plan. The Rock’s training is least attainable for your average person. The volume, and frequency is much higher than most and makes it difficult to stick to and recover from.’’

Abi Roberts, Sports Nutritionist at Bulk, said: ‘’For the past two decades, we’ve been living in a superhero-dominated era. As the DC and Marvel Cinematic Universes expanded, the pressure for actors playing these iconic superheroes to look the part increased. We have seen a large number of amazing physical transformations on the silver screen that encouraged many of us to adopt the workout routines of our favourite film characters. This inspired us to find out what superhero workouts are the most in-demand and are the most achievable to follow for an average person and which celebrities have the most desired physiques.’’


To find the number of Google searches for each superhero workout, Bulk did keyword research around keywords relating to each superhero’s workout regime (e.g Thor workout plan) and used Google Keyword Planner to find the yearly global searches for each. To find YouTube searches, we used TubeBuddy’s keyword tool to find global volume around similar keywords. To find TikTok views, we looked at hashtags related to superhero workouts such as views relating to each one.

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