Suffering from Epilepsy? 5 Tips to Implement

Sufferingfromepilepsy tipstoimplement

People with epilepsy often think that living alone is not an option for them as they will require help every time they have seizures. But according to the Epilepsy Foundation, one out of five people suffering from the condition lives alone. Living alone is not impossible for epilepsy patients, all you have to do is make certain lifestyle changes and be prepared for when you have seizures.

Here are a few tips for people suffering from epilepsy:

1. Make sure you have a seizure response plan ready

A seizure response plan ready is on the list of necessities for people suffering from epilepsy. It helps the epileptics take the necessary steps when you during a seizure.

You can prepare this plan via forms from medical institutions. It provides detailed knowledge of what to do if you are experiencing a seizure, like, how should you position your body or when do they need to call for help. Once you fill out such a form, consult with your doctor and make any necessary changes complying with the advice of your doctor.


Make sure that you tell everyone around you is informed about the form so that they can access it whenever needed. If you are going out, make sure that you have the plan with you so that your safety can be ensured. Remember to include the contact info of your just in case, the other person is not sure about how to help you. Also, do not forget to carry your preferred medications(Tab levipil 500) along with you.

2. Make arrangements to avoid physical injuries

This is one of the greatest concerns for epileptics – physical injuries during seizures. While there is little that can be done when you experience a seizure outside your home, you can make some small changes to avoid injuries when you experience a seizure in your home.

If there are pieces of furniture that have a sharp corner, you can place padding on them, remove any furniture that might cause you to trip, place non-slip carpets in the bathroom and your living area. The bathroom is a very dangerous place if you experience a seizure. Make sure that you make it safer by installing grab bars, non-slip mats with paddings and try to use shower chairs.

Always keep entrances to your balconies or storerooms closed to avoid falling when you have a seizure. Store sharp objects in your kitchen safely and the dishes out of reach to avoid hurting yourself.

3. Educate yourself and your loved ones on triggers

All patients experience different types of seizures and have different triggers. Educating yourself and your immediate others of the triggers that cause your seizures can keep you both prepared. Reckon your triggers and avoid them as much as you can, for example, if you find out that being exposed to too much light triggers a seizure, avoid bright lights and keep the lights in your house dim. This will effectively reduce the number of seizures you experience and the ride with epilepsy a bit easier.

4. Have a good lifestyle

Your daily lifestyle has a LOT to do with the intensity and number of seizures you experience. If you get enough sleep, consume enough nutrients and have a low level of stress, the occurrences of seizures will naturally reduce.

You might find it a bit difficult to avoid your triggers if you go to your workplace everyday. In that case, look for a job that allows you to work-from-home. In this way, you will keep yourself engaged and will avoid the risk of seizures at the same time. If you do go to your workplace, you can wear medical bracelets to let people around you know your condition.

5. Make emergency indicators

When you are in a public place or around someone you know, they may be able to help you when you experience a seizure because of your medical bracelet or plan. But if you are alone at home, getting help might be a bit difficult.

You need to prepare yourself by subscribing to a medical service that will help you contact someone in case of an emergency. You can also request your neighbors to check up on you regularly to make sure you’re okay. A good way to indicate your condition is to have some signs that you can easily make if you are experiencing a seizure-like, switching on the lights of a particular room or switching off a light that is usually on.

It is not easy to live with epilepsy but these tips will enable you to relish a normal lifestyle while also being prepared for emergencies.