Probably, we use Himalayan salt in food but have you ever tried to use the pink Himalayan salt lamp for health benefits? Many people use salt therapies in their homes. According to the repost of Lung Institute, the pink Himalayan salt lamp has different anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can remove airborne pathogens and decrease different allergies reactions.

You should use the best Himalayan salt lamps for salt therapy purposes. Inhaling the salt can decrease many dangerous health factors. There are different forms of salt therapies, but there are mainly two forms.

Himalayan salt

Wet Salt Therapy: this therapy includes the use of petty pots, salt scrubs, salt soak in water, and flushes of internal water salt.

Dry Salt Therapy: this is the best form of salt therapy in which crystal salt or salt lamps are places in the environments that are free from humidity. Dry salt therapy mostly occurs in the space known as the salt caves.

The official blog report of the Lung Institute shows that the people who use salt therapy on regular bases claim that the rock salt deep cleans their respiratory system and improve their immune system against different toxic ailments of allergies. The crystals of this rock salt penetrate deep into the body and recover the body’s damaged tissues.
Let’s learn the benefits of salt lamps for the respiratory system.

Treatment of Respiratory Ailments

Now you can treat different respiratory ailments by only placing the best Himalayan salt lamp in your room. The rock salt can improve the respiratory system by decreasing the inflammation. Salt therapy also cleans the airway of your body. According to the report of Salt Therapy Association, people who have added the salt therapy in your routine they find power in their bodies to fight against different respiratory problems.

Control Asthma

This respiratory problem is the worse from airway blockage. The rock salt lamp pursues people to fight against the dirt particles, pollens and other pollutants that can cause a severe type of asthma attacks. A best Himalayan salt lamp will absorb all these pollutants from the air and clean the airway system of the body.

In 2007, 26 children went through a halotherapy in a salt room. This was a seven-day course over the halo generator. In that complete session, these children strictly follow Himalayan salt therapy. A group of 13 children was put in a room without a halo generator and rock salt lamps. Doctors- have noticed that the children that receive the proper salt therapy treatment had statistically significant improvement. They had fewer asthma attacks as compared to those kids who didn’t receive salt therapy properly.

Combat Allergies

Salt therapies help your body to fight against allergies. You can add salt therapy in your wellness routine and strengthen your immune system to fight against different allergies.

Fight Bronchitis

Bronchitis is the acute inflammation in the airways of the lungs when the mucus present in the bronchi become inflamed then it causes chronic infection in the body. Bronchitis also has two types, such as chronic and acute. In bronchitis, the patients will go through difficult breathing sessions. Bronchitis is the result of the virus that causes infections in the body. Sometimes, it is the result of common wheeze or influenza. In chronic bronchitis, the patients will go through long coughing sessions.

These coughing sessions are the result of humidity and dirt, and crystal salt lamps are the best way to fight against these issues. You can place a pink color rock salt lamp in your surrounding or make a routine of salt therapy. Many people use to spend their times in salt caves that increase the strength of their body and immune system. In this way, they can fight in a better way against chronic bronchitis.

According to a bronchitis patient, Elan C, who went through chronic bronchitis, she said that “I had gone through severe chest pain and long coughing sessions in the morning. After a medical test, she came to know that she is suffering from chronic bronchitis. But after using best Himalayan salt lamps in her room and adding salt therapy in her wellness routine. She has prepared her body to fight against this respiratory disease.”

Improve Lung Functions

The respiratory system is closely related to lung functions. A bad respiratory system has severe effects on the working ability of lungs. Lungs help our body to breathe. Salt therapy and pink Himalayan salt lamp help our body to fight against different viruses that have a bad effect on the functions of lungs.

Science has also its back for this use of salt therapy.

In 2008 a study had been published in the blog. According to the report, “it is beneficial to have some halotherapy because it has some positive effects on the patients that are suffering from different obstructive pulmonary problems. A routine of using Himalayan salt increase the functionality of lung and decrease the high blood pressure.”
Except these, the rock salt lamp can also protect you from the common cold, ear infections, smokers cough, and COPD by eliminating the dirt particles, smoke, and pollens from the air.

Other Important Benefits of having a rock salt lamp or salt therapy

• From the regular practice of dry salt therapy, you can fight against different skin conditions such as aging, acne, wrinkles, itching, dry flakes of skin, rashes, swollen or infected skin, rosacea, etc.
• A best Himalayan salt lamp increases the breathing capacity of your body
• A bulkier and larger size of the Pink Himalayan salt lamp will increase the production of negative ions around your space
• The positive vibes of the crystal salt lamp will not only calm your body muscles but also give you the mental relaxation
• Are you having a night cough? If yes then the pink Himalayan salt lamp is the best solution for your problem
• Now you can get better sleep by only placing this rock salt lamp basket on your side table
• Tired of snoring of your partner? No worries, the ionizing power of Himalayan salt lamp can also reduce snoring

Breathing the Himalayan salt is the natural remedy to fight against the respiratory problem. It is not proper medical treatment!!!!