Whether it’s industrial factories or commercial buildings, they usually have confined spaces where only workers with prime health conditions can be assigned to. Confined spaces refer to spaces with hazardous exposure or conditions. These include chambers, tanks, vats, silos, pipelines, manholes, sewers, utility vaults, and many more. Companies aren’t only required to assess confined spaces in their building but also do the confined space medical assessment for workers or employees assigned to work in those spaces.


Confined space medical assessment is a set of health tests usually covering baseline health check, skin assessment, vision screening, audiometry, spirometry, musculoskeletal assessment, etc. These are why you need a confined space medical assessment:

Risk Identification and Management

A confined space medical assessment aims to assess the medical and health risks of your employees against the confined spaces in your building or working environment. Only when you’ve identified the risks, you can manage them including when assigning people for risky tasks. You can also prepare adequate health supports for your employees. A regular medical assessment would report you with the actual health conditions of confined space. In terms of health risk management, confined space medical assessment is inevitable.

Protect Your Employees

When the result of the assessment has come out, you can straightforwardly review and treat it as a risk management source. You don’t want to assign a worker with pneumonia to a gas facility or any other confined space. As a part of risk management strategy, assessing occupational health Brisbane company helps you mapping employees with the lowest risks on the job posts or assignments. This way, you can responsibly protect your employees and keep them productive without risking their life.

Beneficial Practice

Elevating occupational health Brisbane has now is beneficial for business operations. Any accident and unfortunate events can clog your business. Keep your employees in the safest possible working environment. Above all, implementing the occupational health procedure is already good practice for a company even though it’s not strictly mandatory. Many businesses have gained benefits from applying confined space assessment that’s followed by the medical assessment.

Compliance with the Health Standard

The confined space medical assessment isn’t only a good practice but also compliance of occupational health standards. Even though not strictly regulated, this medical assessment is found to be rewarding for the companies. Various certifications are issues from diverse bodies for companies with a dedication to elevating the safety of the working environment and the health of their employees. Once you’ve identified the confined spaces in your building, you need to immediately run the medical assessment especially for the employees who would work there before actually assigning them. This should also be the safety and health standards for any job dealing with risks of heart, lung, skin, and other health conditions.


Every company should have confined space medical assessment to protect its employees and reassured the job in hazardous space done safely. The company should ensure that the employees have the lowest if not no health risks for the jobs assigned to them. Ensuring the occupational health Brisbane in the company would also improve productivity and keep the business operations run effectively. For more information, visit us at http://resile.com.au/.