You can replace several missing teeth with a zirconia implant bridge or a dental implant. A zirconia implant bridge consists of false teeth and two crowns tightly fused with the jaw. On the other hand, dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone, where they act as roots for missing teeth.

Below, we consider the merits of a zirconia implant bridge over dental implants so that you can identify the better option for your teeth replacement.

Why You Should Opt For Zirconia Implant Bridges and not Dental Implants

zirconia implant bridge

1: Zirconia Bridges Are More Hygienic

Zirconia bridges are more hygienic than dental implants. By itself, a zirconia implant bridge does not attract bacteria or plaque, reducing any risk of bad breath, gum disease, or tooth decay.  It is also non-removable, allowing you to brush and floss it like you would your natural teeth.

On the other hand, even though some dental implants are also non-removable since they are made from acrylic, they are more absorbent to liquid and bacteria. Even worse, because dental implants are screwed into the jawbone, they cannot be removed and soaked in a cleaning solution, increasing their chances of being compromised by harmful bacteria under the ridge.

2: Bridges are Stronger

Zirconia bridges are incredibly strong. Because they are made from zirconium oxide, zirconia bridges are stronger than dental implants and are extremely difficult to chip, crack, or break. They also allow you to eat crunchy, tough, and chewy foods that may be difficult to eat with implant dentures.

Implant dentures are typically made from acrylics. As such, they are significantly more brittle and can crack or break under the stress of daily chewing or cleaning.

3: Super Durable

One of the main reasons you should opt for a zirconia implant bridge is its durability. As stated earlier, zirconia implant bridges are made from zirconium oxide, the strongest ceramic material.

Zirconium oxide is ten times stronger than natural tooth enamel, so the chances of it cracking or breaking are slim. Therefore, your zirconia implant bridge can last a lifetime with good care.

Conversely, the biggest problem with dental implants is their longevity. Over time, dental implants are known for cracking, breaking, and discoloring. That is because acrylic is not strong enough to withstand the daily stress of chewing and can cause the bridge to fracture, forcing you to replace your acrylic bridge every few years.

4: Provide the Most Natural Feel

Because zirconia bridges are embedded between two natural teeth, they feel as natural as your real teeth. When you first install them, you might feel tenderness and mild discomfort as your teeth adjust; however, once your teeth adjust, your zirconia implant bridge should feel similar to your natural teeth.

Dental implants can take longer to feel natural. Since they are surgically embedded in the jawbone, they may feel weird in your mouth and less natural than zirconia bridges.

Get a Zirconia Implant Bridge

As you can see, zirconia implant bridges offer more benefits than dental implants. They are more hygienic, stronger, and durable and offer the most natural feel.

Now that you know what you stand to gain when you opt for a zirconia implant bridge, go ahead and get that picture-perfect smile.